Engaging women’s intuition for workplace productivity! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

Sometimes people tend to easily look down on the capacity of women in the work place and the reason is not farfetched! They come to the work place with the mindset that women get so emotional about too many things and sometimes may not want to face issues head on as a man would claim to be able to do. In so many instances, men have turned out to be wrong by not attaching emotions to some of the things they do and women have turned out to be right simply by using what they call intuition. I can say it’s a bit difficult to explain how it works but we would get something out of this and see why it sometimes would help to listen more to the women in the organization before jumping to conclusion.
I remember hearing from the wife of a man who runs an organization that relates with about 20,000 people or more every week. She said the men would normally speak out during the meetings and seem to even dominate the meeting but somewhere along the line, there would be an issue. They would need to resolve something really simple but they would be at crossroads because most of the men think in one straight line. At that point, she would pop up different ideas and get them thinking in another direction which often resolves the problem for them.
There are times you would want to do something and your mother might just tell you not to do it. You will want explanations for her refusal but she may not be able to give you any. Sometimes she might even tell you, ‘something doesn’t just feel right about this!’ If you have your way you may ignore and you may also come back to say I wish I had listen to you, mum. I made reference to that motherly gift of intuition to remind you that a lot of women still bring this precious gift to the work place and it will only be wise for employers or team members working to achieve a common goal to take advantage of that gift.
I know that the corporate world celebrates logic! We always want to go with the person who sounds nice and can defend everything you are asking him to defend. The other person who only has a reservation against what was suggested and cannot give concrete reasons would be asked to seat down and is perceived as being laid back or unnecessarily attached to something that can’t work in the corporate world. On different occasions, the logic have turned out to be wrong even with all the facts presented before setting out!
Let us never neglect the fact that women have a great gift called intuition which has worked for them in several ways and for many years. They should be allowed to demonstrate this in the corporate world as well. I am not saying that organizations should leave everything to intuition and disregard strategic thinking, planning and research but we all know that all the laid down principles of getting things done sometimes don’t work! Intuition works and it is one other great reason we must listen more to our women in the corporate world because I think it is a more power tool in the hands of women
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