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Today I bring you another important lesson from one of the several experiences I gain from the things happening around me. It is very important for us to always look at what happens around us and never take those things for granted. If we take them for granted and do not learn anything from them, we will be like those who have gone through schools without the schools going through us in anyway. This time, the lesson is from the oil in the machine. A lot of machines including the cars you drive rely absolutely on oil to function well.
When you turn on an engine and there is not enough oil in that engine, you are taking the risk of knocking the engine. Several other things may just begin to malfunction in the engine just because there is not enough oil. Because of how serious this is, most cars have an indicator light to let you know that your oil is low and you should top it. When you ignore the sign and continue using the car like that then you face the consequence.
In the case of a power generating set, some of them have been designed never to start when there is not enough oil in the gen. As soon as you poor oil into the generating set, it comes alive and works very well. The sound is normal and you can enjoy it.
After seeing this then it struck me that some human beings are trying to function without oil. Some have a little oil and some have no oil at all. For those who have a little oil and are refusing to top up, they are taking a risk of either crashing their lives or destiny. While for some others, they have been struggling to get started in life, like a generating set, but nothing seems to be starting and they are not checking their oil. They spend all their energy trying to get start until they are exhausted. It just never occurs to them that all they need to do is to check their oil, top it and continue with their lives.
What does this oil represent in our lives? The oil could be skills or talents. It could also be the right tools to work with such that you get results effortlessly! In some cases the oil could be having the right people around you. Just as you know that the work of the oil is to lubricate the engine, always remember that there are some lubricants you need to make it in life.
If you are going to keep and engine running successfully, it must have enough lubricants and you must also make sure you get rid of dirt in the engine. If you have enough lubricant and you don’t get rid of the dirt then the dirt can actually contaminate the lubricant our just block the channel for the lubricant!
You already have an idea of what the oil is so what can possibly be the dirt that may block channels of lubricants in your life? The dirt can be your bad choices probably influenced by wrong friends! Sometimes the dirt can be some family members who just don’t want you to take any risk or folks in your office not letting you put in your best one way or the other. You may also be the one stuffing dirt into the channels for lubricants yourself! This is possible when you are not as enlightened as you should be or you are not taking enough information in that can help you rev up in life! In some situations it could also be that you have just been taking in the wrong information.
Check yourself again! Do you have enough oil in your engine to run with and have you cleared all channels for lubricants from dirt? You must do this in order not to knock out or knock down!
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