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If you do nothing because things are hard, things will eventually get harder. Those were the thoughts in my head as I prepared to write. I thought about those who do nothing today because they say everything is hard.
I remember speaking with a friend in the media who thought I had no tough times just because they were always seeing my works online. I corrected that misconception and I think that you also need to know one of the things that keep me working even during the hard times. I honestly have every reason to say it’s a bad time and things are not working so I should not be writing or honouring invitations to speak in different places.
There is the choice to sit and do nothing. It will seem like the right thing to do but that’s for today. If I take that path and do nothing today, I will pay heavily for it tomorrow. You can’t use the excuse of what you are going through today as a reason not to prepare for tomorrow. Today may not have turned out well but you should never forget that you are already preparing for tomorrow. What you do not is what you get tomorrow.
Sometimes I feel really tired. At other times I am so discouraged because of the things going on around me yet I gather the strength to get up and encourage other people. A few times I gain my own strength in encouraging other people. Sometimes my own strength comes when the positive feedback from people start coming in.
You may not have a job today but that’s not a good reason to sit and do nothing. Often times I see so many people who are just sitting down because they say they don’t have a job yet. They are waiting for the day a job will come for them. They wake up, watch television, eat, sleep and repeat the circle daily. While claiming to not have a job, they are ardent football fans. Some of them pay at viewing centres to watch major football games and to argue about the transfer window or which club is the richest. Somehow, they unconsciously spend the money they don’t have and also let opportunities slip by.
Think about what you can do. Think about who you can go to. There must be places where you can acquire some skills and other places where the skills can be relevant. As I said in the article ‘Tough times come in phases,’ you will always have one reason or the other to be discouraged. There will always be something that may want to deter you from doing what you need to do. If you give in to those things today then you will have nothing to show tomorrow.
Life may be hard today. No matter how hard life is, don’t let it take hard work away from you. if your willingness to work is taken away and all you have left is excuses for not getting things done today, it means your future has been snatched!
Nothing denies you of your future faster than any reason you are giving for not being positively engaged today. If you have to work for so little, start with something. Build experience and leverage on that for better jobs. If you are in the service business and you run your own business, keep looking on the bright side and keep working. If you are an entrepreneur who runs a business, don’t be discouraged if business is not looking good today.
The only disaster that is hanging around is if you are not prepared for the opportunity you are hoping for just because of the challenges you are facing. Take heed and be ready!
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