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Many live in the delusion that since they have already discovered what they were born to do, then things must happen naturally for them. They expect things to become rosy. They think that since others are making it in that field they also must make it easily. They are asking themselves why they have the talent and nothing is happening for them so quickly. I dare say that money is one thing and talent is another thing. There is only one thing that brings them together and that is the sacrifice you are ready to make. Without the sacrifice, the talent will remain in you and the money will remain with other people.
When you suddenly discover that you have the ability to speak, do you think that it immediately means people will leave their houses to come and listen to you in your own house? Or you also expect them to pay you as soon as they are going? If that’s what you are looking forward to then you will remain alone with your speaking prowess until it’s time to return to your grave. If you intend to make something out of it you will get up and go out. Go and speak to some young people. Go and speak to some non-profit organisations. Go and ask to speak when you see people organising events. Get some experiences and then organise your own meetings.
If you know how to sing and all you do is sit in your own house to sing you will be a very great singer. But guess what, only the furniture in your house will know that you can sing very well. Maybe a few family members and probably the electronics will also know that you can sing very well. But when you are serious about singing, you will go for some voice training. When you are done with that you also consider learning how to play a musical instrument. You will also think about buying your own instrument. If you have to join a live band or work with someone who has a studio you will do that. If you have the means you will also invest in having your own recording studio to make things a lot easier for you.
Have you been drawing or painting and all you ever do is to create works and file them for that ‘great day’ when someone will stumble on your works? Then you have a lot more to take care of. There is serious work for you to do. Look for a shopping mall where there are a lot of people. Beg a shop owner or the managers of the shopping mall to give you a little space to display your works. Put a price tag on the works and let interested people contact you on a number you would have given them. It also makes sense if you can sit there. When people pass by and they show interest, take them on. Explain the concepts to them and tell them others things that you can do for them regarding painting and drawing.
When you have a calling or a gift you must be ready to give it what it takes so that it will yield for you as well. It does not matter if you have discovered what you were born to do. What you were born to do may have made a lot of money for other people. They may have given themselves a very comfortable life and may now be living large.
Before you look at how large they are living and the things they are enjoying, get closer and ask about the price they have paid or the sacrifices they have made. I often laugh at people who do not want to pay the price for something yet they want the results that it offers.
Even the very thing you were born to do requires a measure of commitment and when you do not give it that needed commitment then you cannot expect much from it. Before you blame your talent and lack of productivity on the government, what have you done on your own? What efforts have you made to brush yourself up properly and then position yourself rightly for the needed connections? There are those who are doing all the right things possible and making all the necessary sacrifices but are doing it in the wrong place.
I am sure you can relate with the popular story of David in the Bible. He was skilful with playing instrument but he was playing it in the bush. Nobody knew him then or heard about him until he was invited to play it in the palace. I think that he got lucky in a way to have been invited. If you are doing what needs to be done and you are not doing it in the right place, it may ultimately amount to a waste of energy.
Yes you were born to talk or to write or to sing or to teach or create something but that does not mean all the benefits of that gift will come to you just like that. If you are not careful, there may be people who are not even called to do what you are called to do but they will make a lot of money and get all the benefits attached to that gift that you have. Why does that happen? It is because some people are better positioned than the others. In some other cases, the people are better prepared and have paid the price through an unusual sacrifice.
Please stop waiting for your talent or skills to just perform miracles and make things happen for you. Your skills or talents are tools that will make room for you. That’s why even the Bible says the gift of a man will make room for him in the book of Proverbs. I can say that it is only the gift you have decided to engage positively and make commitments to that will make room for you and get you desired results.
Pay your required price in form of sacrifices and commitments to the gifts and then you can expect the benefits that the gifts offer.  

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