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Too many people think that everything is spiritual and they barely take responsibility for things that are physical. You will see a lot of church folks and pastors talking about prophetic declarations for the year but they will not talk about the plans, goals and resolutions for the year.
This is the reason so many of the followers of these leaders have become totally dependent on God fixing things for them without putting in place the plans to do things right. I can imagine that church leaders with more than a hundred followers will start a whole year without sitting with the people to create a plan for them in the New Year.
This will not come as a surprise since the pastor or the church leader does not even have a personal plan. Why will someone who does not have a personal plan create a plan for the entire church or the several other people following?
Now that’s where your church also needs a resolution. It’s important that you have a well written plan on how you want to help the people move their lives forward. You should not just ask them to come and pray. It is important for them to pray but in this time and age, the church has gone beyond just telling people to pray and not teaching them some basic things that can help their prayers become a reality.
What are the things a church leader or church leaders generally should include in their plans or resolutions if they eventually come together to make one? Here’s a list that you may add other things to:
1. Have a plan for practical spiritual growth of the people – to take them through the word and to help them connect directly with God.
2. Create a plan for their personal development. You people should be better in this year compare to who they were last year. A part of that responsibility lies on you as a church leader. You were called to build people and not structures. You were called to build them and not to milk them dry.
3. Work out a detail that can help as many as possible become financially free. I can imagine how hard this will be for some church leaders since they are not financially free. But you should see the need to do this because its only members that are financially free that can even be a big blessing to the church or contribute meaningfully to projects you are doing.
4. Draft a plan or improve on your engagement with the church members especially on days when there are no services. You should not only relate with them when there are services and special programmes.
5. How can you help their careers, goals, business or professional ambition? When you look into this them the people will see that the church is offering more to them than just taking from them. It you need to set up a regular training go ahead and do that. Look for experienced professionals who will be willing to volunteer to train or provide some form of mentoring.
There is just one thing you need to bear in mind. You are a leader of the church but the work of the leader is to serve the people. You don’t sit and wait to be served because you are called a leader. It is a boss that does that. You are not the boss of the church. God is the boss so don’t take the honour due to the boss.
Roll your sleeves pastor! Get to work and make a clear resolution with detailed plan on how you are going to help your members improve their lives and their commitment to God. Your church really needs a resolution.

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