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Sometimes you can think that your own job has too many challenges and the jobs of other people seem a lot easier. Because of that you may be considering a job switch so that you can do the easier job and make money easily. When you eventually get into that other job you will notice that the other job too has its own challenges.
This is the same for businesses. There are those who think that one business is easier and it does not come with any stress compared to the stress they are going through with their own jobs. For this reason alone they want to get into that other business. Once they get there they start seeing the challenges of that business also.
You may see that some business and jobs come with health challenges. There are those that will take you away from your family for very long hours or even weeks and months. You may even be doing a job or business where others in the industry are threatening your life just because you are doing a lot better. They want you dead because you are getting all the big contracts and promotions.
Settle it in your mind now that there is no business or job that does not come with its own challenges. One after the other you will have issues to deal with. There will always be hurdles you need to scale. Sometimes you would have been given a contract and some issues might come up. There are jobs you may have been doing smoothly for years and the same job will pose a big challenge when you have to do it in another place.
Stop trying to switch just because of the challenges of the job. In fact, when you keep switching from one business to another or from one job to another you will see that you are wasting more time. When you get into the new arena you will have to start the business all over and face new challenges again. I think it is better you face the challenges you need to face and move on faster.
I have seen people who think that speaking is a lot easier and for that reason they decided they will go into public speaking. They have tried it and they have now seen that it comes with its challenges that you have to face on face on daily basis.
There are those who also tried to write and they found out that it is not something you just jump at. Some people are skilled at it and some people have trained themselves to be able to do it excellently well.
Whatever job or business you are doing needs only one thing from you. I call it the staying power. With the staying power you will be in the business or job during the trying times and the very good times. It does not matter what happens you will eventually overcome the challenges of the job.
If you want to run away from the challenges of a job or business you will not be able to get the good out of the business. As you run away from the challenges you are actually running away from the opportunities.
I know things may be tough especially when you have family pressure to deal with but you must know that you will have to go through the rough paths to get to the good paths in life.
Every business or job that you decide to settle for has its own challenges or setbacks. You will have to choose which one you will stay with no matter what happens.  
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