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I recently paraphrased the story of a young man called Joseph and how he was envied for his dreams. He had no offence against his brothers but they all started fighting him just because he had a dream and was open minded enough to share his dream. Now I want to go further down the line of that story to help us see that the dream still came to pass and the paths of the brothers and this young man crossed again. His actions after his dreams had materialized have some important lessons for us all.
For you as a dreamer, let me seize the opportunity to encourage you once again that everything happening right now will eventually favour your dreams. You may not see the connections and may not be able to explain how things will get better but just hold on to the dream. Remember Joseph shared his dream and after his dream he went into a pit. He was thrown there by his brothers. Although I think that his brothers did not know that what they did could be termed as prophetic! The reason is that when you carry a seed in your hand, if it is not thrown to the ground or deliberately planted, it cannot multiply! So by throwing Joseph into the pit, they gave his dream a chance to germinate.
The next phase was to sell him off to slavery. What does a slave do? A slave serves and works very hard all the days of his life. He or she knows that there is nothing else apart from work. Every dreamer is supposed to serve and work very hard so they gave Joseph a chance to work hard and to serve. You also need to note that everyone who works hard will be duly rewarded. He was rewarded by being made chief over everything in the house of his master.
After his reward there was the need to check out and be alone. He needed a retreat in order to come back bigger and better. So something went wrong and he found himself in prison. At first it was his ability to dream that we saw but when he went to prison we learnt about his ability to interpret dreams! When you are in some of life’s worst places or situations, some hidden things about you just show up and they become the tools that you need for the next level. And truly in the case of Joseph, the interpretation took him to the highest position in the land and was only second to the King.
At last, the dream for which he was envied came to pass when he left prison. All the things some people are doing against you right now may seem to be taking you off course with your dreams but you should think again. They are actually pushing you further into the dreams. Everything they are doing will end up favouring you.
After the dream came to pass, the first lesson to me was that the dream for which Joseph was envied was actually to favour those who envied him. He had become the Prime Minister. His brothers were experiencing farming in their own land. They came for food only to meet the very person they sold to slavery and actually thought would have been killed. That also tells me that sometimes when you get into envy, you are probably envying your future helpers! If they had successfully killed Joseph they would have killed someone that God was positioning to help them. Get the lesson in here for yourself. It is possible that someone is doing well right now. You may think that you are better off and you probably deserve more than what that other person is getting. Calm down. It could just be that God is blessing them so as to position them in your future as your helper!
Finally, when Joseph reintroduced himself to his brothers, he still had a large heart that was large enough to overlook what they had done to him – tried to kill him, sold him to slavery and told him to his face that he was dead. Not too many people can overlook that especially considering the fact that he now had power and wealth. He still loved them. In all of these I was keen on one thing. I wanted to see if Joseph’s dream came to pass and yes, it did. He dreamt twice about his brothers bowing to him but they bowed to him at least three times! Think and always see the bigger picture! An airplane will never go straight to arrive at its destination. The road may not be straight or smooth but you will get to your destination and everything happening now will still favour you.

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