Excellence wins hard people | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

It may have been so hard for you to win some people over to your side and you know that you need some of these people. You have tried all that you can and they just do not seem to be convinced or they are not even looking at your efforts. Everything you have done right to win them over is just not working out fine and they are proving more difficult.


Someone once told me a story about how a radio or TV station started and they only intended to promote music from white folks. They had turned down so many people and they just will not consider their efforts for whatever reason. One day, a young black guy walked up to them and they turned him down like the others they have turned down.


This young man, after being turned down, went back home to create new concepts for his works and did an excellent job. By the time he was done he took it to some other places. The station that had rejected him before, on the basis of colour, had to call him and told him they were going to play his songs.


Everyone new that was unusual but the simple answer to it was the fact that these people who had turned him down could not resist excellence. They saw it and just had to work with it. If your works are only known to one person, that person may be trying hard to resist or to suppress your efforts. When you take it out and the excellence becomes known to others, it becomes hard to deny hard work.


Please note that one of the ways to win people over is not to beg them to love you. You don’t have to appeal that they should like what you are doing or even plead with them to endorse you. Once you are doing a great stuff, the excellence of the work will speak up for you. I have seen people who just appear to be snobbish to me. Some of them are people I have wanted to be friends with all to no avail. Eventually when I start doing what I know how to do best or an opportunity shows up and I get a chance to prove my skills, some of those people walk up to me themselves after the programme.


It’s amazing how people can love you when they see how good you are at something. When they do not know who you are, they may say nothing or look at you as someone who will amount to nothing. The story changes when they see what you can do.


Have you been trying hard to win some people over to yourself? I think you need to stop trying hard. What you need to do right now is to work on the package that you have. Make sure it stands out. Sharpen your skills such that when an opportunity comes to show your skills, everyone will not be able to deny that you have great skills.


Over the years, I have seen enemies become friends just because they cannot put the excellence aside. Your goal is no longer to try hard to win these people’s hearts over. Your goal will now be to make sure you are the best or that you offer the best in any situation possible.


People like good things. When they see it they want it. We all want the best and cannot deny when we see the best except when we are deceiving ourselves. From today, work on offering the best or giving the best that anyone can get anywhere. When you do that excellently well, you will easily win people over.


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