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Many of us are still going through certain things that are supposed to have become forgotten issues in our lives. There are times we wish those things would have ended but we just see them recurring. Now is the time for you to know or remember that you have to stop wishing and start commanding those things to leave your life because there was already an exchange for those things on the cross.
We were clearly told that Christ has taken our place and went to the cross. He was the one who died instead of us dying and when he died, he took all, not some, of our infirmities. He became poor that we might become rich. The bible also tells us that by his stripes we are healed. That means we are not trying to get healed. We are already healed. Before anyone was born and took ill, there was already a provision for healing. Now if Jesus has taken those things already, why are they still recurring in our lives?
I think I have only two answers for that. And I will explain my answers using an example that you might be able to relate with very well. Imagine that you are owing me an amount of money. Let’s also presume it’s about a million dollars. Then someone comes to me and says ‘I know this my friend is owing you about a million dollars. She does not have the money to pay but I will pay. I will also pay more than a million dollars.’ Then the person writes a cheque for about one million five hundred thousand dollars in my name.
From that, you can see that the debt I was owed has been paid and it was also paid in excess. That notwithstanding, if the real person who was owing does not know that his debt has been paid, I can still go about harassing him for the money that has already been paid. Even if I do not harass him or her, whenever the person sees me there will still be fear in that person. Is the person still owing me? No! why I the person still afraid or still running away from me or why do I still stand a chance to harass the person? Well, it’s because the person does not know that what he or she owned had been paid in excess.
The other reason the things that have already been taken from us still harass us is the fact that many of us are no longer using the power that the exchange offers us. Before the exchange, the debtor could not talk. But after the exchange, and with the knowledge that the debt was paid in full and in excess, the former debtor now not only has the power to command but also has a bragging right. It does not matter who paid it. The important thing is that what was owed has been paid. You cannot be harassed anymore.
Always bear in mind as a believer that Jesus took your place. That exchange was very significant. If it never took place then all the afflictions you are going through and all the health challenges that you have can remain. Unfortunately they have been taken. They went to the cross with Jesus and have lost a right to stay with you or in your body or in your family. You have been given a bragging right over them.
Don’t let anything or anyone harass you anymore over what has already been paid for. Not even death should challenge you when you are not yet in your old age. In Psalm 91 the Bible says, ‘with long life will I satisfy you.’ I always interpret that to mean ‘I am going to grow so old and be very satisfied that it is now time to leave before God finally takes me away.’ What gave me that confidence? It is because sin would have killed me but I now have the knowledge that my debt to sin had been paid in full. Someone very powerful took my place and spilled his blood. So I must brag about what he did for me and not let it go to waste. If Jesus already died and I am still going to die then the sacrifice of Jesus was not necessary. Common! Now that he has died, I am not dying any time soon. Jesus did the exchange and he promised to satisfy me with long life.
Check your life today and take a look at anything that you do not like there. Check to see if there anything that is not pleasing in your life then you need to challenge and command those things to leave because the exchange on the cross already took care of those things.
Now go an enjoy the exchange and never take it for granted. It was all for you! 

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