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If you want to break new grounds despite your background or go global despite starting at a local level then you need to expand! You should not only expand, but you also have to ensure that the expansion begins from your mind. When there is no expansion in your mind you will never experience serious expansion in life.

While there are so many other reasons people can remain on the same spot for so long, I have seen that many are on the spot in life because they have refused to expand in their minds. Since there is no mental expansion, they haven’t experienced a physical expansion

There is nothing wrong with starting from a locality but don’t keep going with that local mentality. Whatever you are doing today needs to expand. You cannot continue to do it on the same level. What is okay is for you to start small but it is never okay for you to remain small.

Why is it that people start something and they never expand? What challenges do they face that cause them to remain on the same spot for several years? How come some only experienced little or insignificant expansion? If you are just starting out in life, what can you do to ensure you are not caught in this cage that works against expansion?

These are some of the things that do not allow people to expand in life.

  1. Fear

You need to note that fear cripples the mind. There are so many people who do not have any physical disability but they should still be referred to as people with disabilities because of the grip of fear over them. There are so many people whose names we should have heard about today but the only reason we didn’t hear those names is fear. There are many who could have been known as great investors but fear didn’t let them make the move to become great investors. Others should have been recognized as great inventors but never invested anything because of fear. Destiny was waiting for some people on the other side of life but they were too afraid to cross over to where their destiny was.

I can’t even mention many other things that people could have achieved but never achieved because of fear. I can only imagine many nations who have been deprived of great leaders because of the fear in those leaders which hindered them from stepping out to contest elections and offer the greatness in them to their nations.

No matter how great you were destined to become if you don’t get rid of the fear you will never be able to break new grounds despite your background. Some of who are stepping out have our own fears too but we are doing it afraid.

Do you remember walking in the dark and being afraid because you thought something was in the dark place? Do you remember not wanting to go into a dark room as a child because you thought there was something in the darkroom that was going to pick you up? What happened at the end of the day? The light came on and you saw nothing in the room. You were only being afraid of nothing. You had no reason to be afraid in the first place but fear stopped you from going to the darkroom or the places you wanted to go. That’s the same way fear stops many people in life from achieving the things they set out to achieve. No one stopped them. No one stood in their way. Doors would have opened to them. People would have loved them. The resources they needed would have flowed easily but they were too afraid to step out. They were too afraid to make that life-changing call. They were too afraid to respond to the call of destiny and chose to remain in obscurity as destiny beckoned on another person.

Don’t let fear stop you from stepping out and expanding as you should.

  1. Ignorance

Some people say ignorance is bliss but I must be quick to add that this is not the case when it concerns your destiny. You can’t let ignorance get in the way when you need to break out of your background that is bent on keeping your back to the ground.

There are two major types of ignorance in life that affect destiny among many others. I believe it is the ignorance of Chronos and Kairos. Chronos refers to the chronological or sequential order of time. When you ask questions about what time of the day it is, you are talking about Chronos and the ignorance of time management is killing a lot of people. The ignorance of not being good managers of time is working against many people in life. The ignorance of not being smart enough to get things done in good time is why some people will never be able to expand. This ignorance is why some people procrastinate always.

You do not have control over time. You were only blessed with time. When you wake up on a daily basis, it is the privilege of having a time reset or being presented the opportunity to continue what you started. Life is the only race that you start but you have no idea when you will be told to stop. If only people bear this in mind, they will become better managers of their time. Some ignorant assume they have a lot of time and they waste much of it until they realize when it is already late, that they did not have so much time.

The other ignorance is about Kairos which speaks to seasons of life. Every human being is presented with three seasons in life if they live long enough. There is the morning season which refers to the time from your birth to the years of your youth. I believe we can safely say from age 0 – 40. There is the afternoon season that captures your midlife till you become a senior. While this is my own estimation, I want to say this period can be from age 40 – 60 or 65. There is also the night season. That refers to the final years of your life and if you live long enough to click 65, you never know how much time you have left.

The point of ignorance under Kairos is the fact that there are certain things you must do in the morning seasons of your life. If you do not do them it will be difficult to do them in the afternoon season or night season. Some of them cannot only be done in the morning season so if you miss, that’s it. It will take a miracle to have them done again. Some other things must be done in your afternoon season. This is when you prepare for your night season. This is when you have the strength to determine what your old age will look like. This is the time of your life when you can determine if you will retire and enjoy retire and still look for jobs to survive.

It is bad enough that people are ignorant and they mismanage the time they can easily calculate with a wristwatch. What do you think they will now do with the time they cannot manage with a wristwatch but with discernment? Kairos is about the right timing or the right seasons in life. This is about knowing when to pursue an opportunity or get out of a phase in your life. If you do not understand the seasons of your life which can sometimes be calculated by the events around you, it may become difficult to break new grounds despite your background.

An understanding of timing either in Chronos or Kairos is critical to succeeding and becoming a global champion rising from among local champions. Timing helps you know when to expand and if you don’t understand the right timing, you will never be able to expand. As you start small, you must know when to scale. You must know when to collaborate. You must know when to move to the next phase and not just hope that things will happen on their own.

  1. Mindset

Since chapter one already addressed the issue of mindset, I will not dwell too much on mindset here. Some people will never expand because of mindset issues. Their mindsets simply reflect a really small mind and you don’t expect anything serious from a small mind. They are also very rigid and if you need to expand anything you’re doing in life, you can’t afford to have a rigid mindset. You must ensure your mind is elastic in nature. Allow your mind to be stretched and when it is released, it returns rather than break. Like a good rubber, when it is stretched it does not return to its original size and you have to allow your mind to be stretched in such a manner that it never returns to its previous state before the stretching. That’s how to ensure your mindset is ready for expansion.

Don’t have the mindset that does not allow new ideas or try new things. Stay humble and keep learning. Be open to new knowledge while doing something with what you already know. That way, it will be easy for you to expand.

  1. Limited or lack of foresight

Without foresight, there is no way you will expand beyond your locality. Some people are doing great in their localities right now but that’s all they ever envisioned if at all they had any vision. That’s why they are satisfied and will never go or think about going beyond that locality. Some others didn’t even think anything could work for them so the fact that something is working for them is a huge surprise.

Don’t get me wrong. You have to be grateful for what is working for you right now. I am always grateful for what works in my life whether I expected them to work or not. When they work, I am always grateful but you need to realize that every success is limited in some ways. If you succeed at something and you do not think about going higher, your success will soon become stale. It will become old. No one will reckon with that success again until you record a new level of success.

You need to have foresight. This is about seeing ahead and seeing beyond your immediate environment. You need to be able to read history and see how current realities will become obsolete. Using that knowledge, you prepare ideas for the future. Anyone who does not have foresight will have no reason to expand.

When I look around today and see all the people who are truly successful, I clearly see that they expanded based on foresight. An example that readily comes to mind is the Zoom teleconferencing app. I saw an image showing the growth of this app. The image showed at as at December 2019, Zoom had only 10 million users but by ending of March stroke April, the platform had grown to over 300 million users! Just because of the pandemic, Zoom added over 290 million users in three months and the value of the company because that of 8 major international companies combined.

This company become the video conferencing app for the pandemic season. When the founder started it, there was no sense in it because Skype was out there. People didn’t expect it to work or even succeed. Because of foresight, the founder persisted and Zoom did not only succeed, it beat Skype to becoming the video conferencing app of choice during the time when most nations were under lockdown.

You need the foresight to expand. You need the foresight to go global. You need the foresight to break new grounds despite backgrounds.

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