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I have come to believe that one of the ways to succeed in life is to allow your mind function in a different capacity than it has functioned in the past. If your mind continues to function the way it has always functioned then you should not expect a different result in your life.
Some people just need to see things differently this time for them to succeed but they will not see anything differently if they do not use their minds more than they have used it before. I believe there are some people out there who really do not need to put in any extra physical effort for them to get a big break in life! All they have to do is to go about exerting more pressure on their mind capacity and making sure that they do some more strategic thinking all the time.
We all know that some of the people who have ruled this world with ideas or innovations are people who have said certain things that used to sound crazy or impossible. Someone once said that metal objects will fly in the air and that person sounded crazy until it happened. The idea of speaking to someone you could not see physically was only a literary term for literature students until telephones were invented. When you expand your mind and begin to see things differently you may sound crazy. You may not sound normal. You may not look like someone working with normal senses! Dont be surprised! They said the same thing to all the people who once thought differently and expanded their minds.
This is not a time to live your life to chances and hope that thing will happen for you. You need to deliberate stretch your mind through books, tapes and some positive videos that will set you on fire! If you dont expand you mind, there are some ideas you cannot receive or comprehend. When you cannot receive or comprehend and idea, you are also not entitled to the gifts, glory and other benefits that come with such ideas!
Certain things will happen around you and you will only be able to understand them with an expanded mind. If you do not expand your mind you will keep seeing limitations, failures and difficulties. Nothing will seem to work when your mind is not expanded. Someone may suggest an idea to you and it will look so foolish but and expanded mind will begin to analyze until you realize that something is hidden in the seemingly foolish ideas.
An expanded mind sees solutions in some very difficult things such that when others are grumbling there will be opportunities. Only the expanded mind will take advantage of every other persons problem to be a solution provider and as well receive financial rewards. Some people want more money but they are not working on stretching their minds. If you will commit to using your mind more than you have used it before or allow it do some extra work, you can be sure that you will see some extra results.
Dont leave your mind idle and never allow it remain in the same area for too long! Keep developing it! Keep working on it and keep driving it until it has a solution that is relevant to the people in your generation.
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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