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Today’s article is predicated on a quote I heard a long while ago from a revered mentor and public speaker that I often listen to. As he presented his speech that day, he got to a point and he released what I thought was the punch line for that presentation. He said, ‘ when a man with experience meets a man with money, the man with the experience will go home with the money while the man with the money will go home with the experience!’ That struck me so easily and it got me thinking for a long time.
When you also take a look at the things we do or go through on daily basis, you will realize that what is happening all around us is about people exchanging experience for money! Some people are paying you for your experience and you are also paying some others for their experience. When you go to the doctor in a hospital, what you are paying for is experience. When you ask an engineer to fix a machine for you, he gets paid for his experience. When you consult for other people, you also get paid for your experience.
In my own case as a speaker and an author, I get paid to speak and when I eventually publish my books, people buy. What are people buying in my books or why are they paying me to hear me talk to them? They are simply paying for some experience! I have also learnt that when you are growing up in life, things are a bit different in the sense that you don’t need to have either money or experience to move on as a child! Just be a child! But when you start growing or when you really want maturity, you must have money and with your money you get experience. From the experience you get, you will now be able to get more money.
I should say that the basics of what I have been saying are simple. The first is that you must learn certain things in life that will become very valuable to you and to several other people. The more valuable what you are learning is, the better because there will be a demand for what you know and then you can place a commercial value on it to gain more money.
No matter how wealthy you are or how much wealth was transferred to you, you will soon come to nothing when you do not have experience. It can also be said that the experience you have is in a way commensurate to the wealth you have acquired!
Keep your experience as a good treasure and keep learning while spending more money for more experience in order to get more money!
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