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Turbulence is not such a good thing and not everyone would like to experience one but I must say that every pilot who is preparing to fly and to land safely must prepare in advance for turbulence. You may also find it interesting that other words for turbulence are commotion, confusion, turmoil, disorder, unrest, instability, hurly-burly and uproar. Those are not nice words at all!
When you get on the plane and the pilot starts making his announcement, he may even tell you when to expect the turbulence and to be prepared for it because it something the place needs to go through if you will ever get to where you are going! One thing you should ask is, ‘why will the pilot prepare your mind for turbulence if he has seen it ahead of the time it will happen? Why not just turn the other way and not try to get everybody on the plane into trouble?’ I really think that if the pilot has a choice, the pilot is wise enough not to go through the turbulence but in most cases they don’t have a choice so they have to go through it to get to their destination!
In you want to fly high in life, just as the pilots do, you will have to prepare your mind for turbulence and make sure it does not get the most of you when it eventually comes. If you fly very often you will notice that some planes go through the turbulence easily and some others may have it a little rough and the timing are usually different! I think that to an extent, the turbulence experience may have something to do with the preparedness of the pilot and in some cases the state of the plane! It’s not always the bad weather that determines the fate of the plane because the forecast usually tells you what to expect even though the weather can suddenly change!
Let’s come back to living our own lives and making sure we fly very high regardless of the turbulence on the way. Some of the things we need to work on include:
We must know our destination in life! No pilot attempts to fly without a known destination.
We must know how to get to where we are going! The pilot only knows what to watch out for on the compass in the plane because of his known destination and knowing how to observe the compass.
Like the plane that a pilot has to fly, there are no clearly mapped routes in the air and we will also realize that in life we will not have some clearly mapped routes like those you find on the roads to tell us how we will arrive our destination in life. As the pilot observes the compass, we must know how to observe some principles that will get us to where we are going and we must be equipped with deep spiritual insight that will show us when to turn and when to keep going straight.
We must never run away from some troubles just as the pilot does not run away from turbulence. The pilot goes through it to get to where he is going in life so we must go through some challenges to get to where we are going in life. If we make attempts to run away from such troubles then we will never get to where we are going in life.
In all that we do I should say we must remember something very important that I heard years ago. Someone said to me, ‘God never promised a smooth ride but he promised a safe landing!’ We also should remember that what makes a great sailor is not a smooth sail without troubled waters! I think you can, I believe you can and I urge you to forge ahead … especially through the turbulence because you will come out strong and better!
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