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If you have seen the Slumdog millionaire movie I think you will agree with me that there is a way we can experience the future in the things that are happening to us right now in our lives! For those of you who have not seen the movie I suggest you do your best to get it and watch because it is one of the best movies ever produced in the world. I saw from the beginning how someone had attained success but it appeared to be impossible to the organizers of the show and the police of the community so he was handed to the police to be dealt with because they thought he had fraudulently gotten the answers for the questions in the game show.
Just like in the real world, when you succeed there will be people who will never believe that you can succeed the way you have succeeded and will begin to question the success that you have because it seems impossible to them. The other interesting part is that you will never get the opportunity to explain your success to everyone and I think you should not even bother to try and explain your success! Honestly, you don’t owe any one any explanation for succeeding legitimately!
What got my attention from the film was when the young man referred to as the slumdog millionaire was being quizzed by the police on how he could possibly know the answers to all the questions! The Police officer said doctors and professors have been called to the game show but they just mange to get something out of the show and he was even tortured just to know what he knew. I like the way he took us through his previous experience in life and it turned out that every question he was asked on the show had an answer in the previous experiences he had in life.
When he was growing up he didn’t have very pleasant experiences but those experiences that were not pleasant were the ones that brought him fortune later in life. Take for example he had gone to the public toilet as a little kid and he remained in there while another person who was willing to pay wanted to use the toilet. His friend who had let him in asked him to come out since he was not paying but he refused to come out. At that moment, the other man who was waiting outside collected his money from the friend waiting outside. This got his friend angry and his friend locked him in the toilet. Just a few minutes later he heard so much noise from people shouting ‘Amitab Batchan.’ He was a hit film celebrity who had come to their village in an helicopter and so many people wanted to see him and to get an autograph. At that time, he had a picture of Amitab with him in the toilet but he had been locked in there so he looked at the pit of waste passed by the many users of the public toilet. He jumped into it holding up the picture of Amitab and walked out covered in a mess just to get the autograph of Amitab. He finally got it and it became a priced possession for him.
During the game show, one of the questions that came up requested him to supply the name of the star in the hit film in India. When the question came up he simply started remembering his experience and finally supplied the answer. What I want you to really learn from it is that just like that young man who had answers to all the questions of the game show from his previous life experiences, you can also get answers to life’s questions from your experiences!
In the case of this young man, he did not just get the answers just like that. He went through the experience, remembered the experience and the experience finally worked for him somewhere!
If your experience will ever count for you in the future, you should not just go through them as if they are nothing. You will have to carefully note those experiences and remember them for the future because that is the only way they will count in your future. Your experiences at the moment, pleasant or not, will count for your future if only you remember them!

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