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If you really want to be very productive then you have to pay attention to the fact that exposure might just get in the way of your experience. There are some people who have gained experience but did not expose themselves. Because of this, the value of their experience is being limited.
This issue came to my mind when I was privileged to be in a meeting and someone addressed the meeting. He raised some salient points but may have also taken it to the extreme. The only reason for the extreme as I can deduce is the issue of exposure, despite his experience.
It has also ochres to me that there may be many people out there who have so much to offer. You are very valuable to the organisation that you work for. The places where you volunteer need your experience and may not be able to go so far without you or any other person with your experience. That notwithstanding, if you don’t work on your exposure you will be limiting yourself and while you think others are getting in your way, you may not realise that you are the one just meeting with a brick wall that you put up.
How can we tell that someone has experience without exposure! That’s easy isn’t it? All we have to do is to keep quiet and listen to you. When you start saying things and people can say you are talking like that because you have not been to other places then you know that exposure is becoming and issue for you.
It is very important that while gathering your needed experience, learn from exposure as well. You will get to some places in life and it is only your experience that will count. There are places you will also get to that your experience will only count when your exposure to the outside world or things going on beyond your vicinity has been measured. In some other places, you may be shocked to see that only exposure will come first and that probably all they need.
Sometimes you may have been in an organisation and you are wondering why someone else is preferred above you despite your experience. There may be other reasons for this but one of them might just be the issue of exposure. Organisations want someone that can represent them well and help them make good impressions. They may always keep that person with the experience but the person with the exposure is always at the forefront of things.
If this has ever been your experience, leaving the organisation or getting bitter may not solve the problem. You and I know that it is very important to step up your game and be accepted both for experience and for exposure.
These are two things can must work together at all times and can even add more value to you as an individual. I have seen that there are problems that can be solved by experience and that are problems that can only be solved by exposure!
Why is that? The one who relies strictly on experience counts on how long he or she has been at something. While the one who relies on exposure also gains knowledge and experience by relating with people and going out and may also learn a bit of several things very quickly.
So if you will be a better person at what you do and be more valuable, don’t just gather experience that makes you relevant in one place, company or country. Get the exposure that helps you become an international brand and also function anywhere you find yourself without any issue.
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