Face the future| © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Face the future| © Fola Daniel Adelesi
Why is your past taking your future from you? I remember listening to someone who said that so many people spend too much time looking at the closed door and do not realize that another door is open. In plain terms this does not talk about physical doors but it talks about how we probably dwell too much on the past and let it affect the future so much so that the future we have not entered into ends up becoming something like we past we did not like!
One of the most inspiring quotations that I have found in the Bible came from Apostle Paul and it is Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead. I like this so much not for the fact that he seems to overlook his past but that he acknowledges he has a past which should not destroy the future that will be a lot better. This is also to say that I have a whole new opportunity ahead of me to make things look a lot better than they are right now and I will not let my past take that.
Many of us do not like what we have in our hands at the moment but we are also not taking the right step by just dwelling on the thoughts, mistakes and terrible memories of the past. Memories are really good if we are going to have a better future but the purpose of the memory is not to help us get into a funny mood and not have the ability to think straight. Our memories of the past should only carefully guide our decisions regarding the future and should not become the limitations on our future.
In all that you do I think you should remember these:
1.Nothing in your past has the power over your future except you give it that power 2.You cant build a bright future by just dwelling on past memories
3.If all you do is talk about your past then your future will soon become the same as the past 4.If you don’t celebrate your past it will not become a popular story!
5.If you carry any guilt you have to forgive yourself and probably take necessary steps that might help you feel some relief.
If you know Apostle Paul by reading about him you will realize he has one of the most terrible records you can imagine. This guy was a murderer and he did not just kill one or two or even ten people! When he became a changed man he said he was going to forget the things that are past.
When I was on the Debaters TV reality show and the presenter, on the grand finale, wanted to know what my next step was I said, the future is like a plain sheet in the hands of an architect. He has the liberty to design whatever he wants to. That is how we should also live our lives. Our past is the written book that we may not be able to erase though we can burn it but the future is a plain sheet. It is still very clean.
Take the future, design it to your taste and forget the past! MOVE ON!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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