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What has happened in the past always becomes precedence for the future and what is happening today will also become precedence for the future. That is why we must carefully shape our thoughts in the middle of all that we are going through. When something undesirable happens to us, we can’t afford to conclude that the event defines our future.
People have had little successes here and there and that encourages them, just as I stated in one of my past articles on titled ‘the power of little progress, to go on and succeed in other things. It’s the same way there are those who have had setbacks in some of the things they have done before and they have now used the previous setback as the benchmark for what they can achieve in life.
It’s alright to ride on a previous little achievement as the motivation to do more but you can’t stay on previous failures or setbacks to determine what you will do in future or what you can’t do. There are those who are not doing anything anymore because of the things they have experienced in the past. They have become discouraged and they have just stopped trying anything.
That only happens when you put your failures before you rather than putting it behind you. The place for your failure is in your past and not in your future. Sometimes when you go around, you will notice that there are those who always talk about their failed adventures. They only talk about what their past failed projects are doing to them.
When you see people who only talk about the things that they failed at, you should see that they are the ones who are dwelling so much on their past and that has taken the future away from them. Your past was not good but you have a future.
Do you realize that your future is a clean slate? If you do then why are you staining your future with the dirt from the past? You can’t change anything in your past but you can change all the things that will happen in your future. Don’t spoil your future with your past.
No matter how much you think you have failed, there must be something that you have done successfully. I have also come to see that those who refer to themselves as total failures are those who forget little things easily. The little things they succeeded at have been forgotten but the little things they failed at where magnified and they dwelled on that.
Take some time out to think. Ask questions until you are able to see clearly the things you have succeeded on in the past. It does not matter how little it seems. Start focusing more on the things that you have succeeded at so that you can succeed more.
If for any reason you can’t find anything that you have succeeded at, look at other people around you who have succeeded at something and always remind yourself that if they can do it then you too can do it. If they can succeed then you can succeed. If they can make it at what seems difficult then you can make it.
Stop the pity party today. Put your failures where they belong – the past. Wake up and put successful things in front of you and do things successfully. 
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