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When you talk about faith in other people I know you are most likely thinking that I am asking you to trust them. Although I have no issues trusting people and cannot compel others to trust people, having faith in them is still a bit different for me. I have come to realize how well people can succeed or how far they can go in life if only other people have faith in them. Again I need to say that fulfilling the dreams of our lives should not depend on if other people have faith in us or not. The point is that the faith spurs people on to achieve more!
I know the importance of having faith in other people because I have experienced it. In several of my articles I have talked about how I failed while in high school but was able to bounce back and make all the required credits at one sitting to get into a university. Although I mostly mentioned my relationship with one of the teachers as being influential to my success, I can now see the link between his faith in me and my performance. He did not look down on me when I failed just as the others would have done. He gave me listening ears. He was ready to help me without asking for anything in return. When I was away from him, I still thought about him and his expectations of me and more importantly, I did not want to disappoint him. Those were simple things for him to do, but that was having faith in me. No doubt, his faith in me helped me to build confidence academically and to strengthen my writing prowess. That was more than twelve years ago and I am still carrying on.
There are little things we can do on daily basis to show faith in other people. When people know that we expect them to succeed and we encourage them to do so, they eventually succeed. If they know that we expect them to succeed and we do not encourage them to do so, they may not go on to succeed. Rather than just showing disappointment when people fail, encourage them to succeed. Try to know more about their strengths and speak to them from the angle of their strength rather than the angle of their weakness.
Show some faith in your wife, your husband, your children, your younger or older ones, colleagues at work or people who live around you. Push them a little further on the path of success. Encourage them to get that additional degree or professional qualification. Help them start that business by encouraging the business instead of talking about the economy or telling them about how many people have packed up. If they succeed they will eventually be a blessing to you but regardless of that, show faith in people.
The people that you encourage or show some support by having faith in them may one day look back and appreciate it. Even if they don’t, the more important thing is that you are making the world a better place and touching their lives positively. Do all the best you can in every way you can at every opportunity you get to touch the lives of others positively! One simple way to do that is to have faith in them and to show it!

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