Faith is like a car key |© Fola Daniel Adelesi

I don’t know about you but sometimes I take a few minutes occasionally to think about some of the amazing things around us that we probably use on daily basis. Some of them have become so simple because we have gotten so used to them and we can no longer learn anything from them anymore. Unfortunately, because we are not learning anything from them we are left at cross roads with some issues in our lives that could easily be resolved if only we take a moment to look at some very simple things in life.
There are times I sit and begin to think about how things amazingly work and one of such things that I think about is how a small key can get a car to rev. when I pick up my car keys and I want to drive I think about it. I know some engineers will try to use their head knowledge to try to explain this but there is no amount of head knowledge that will be adequate for this explanation.
Think about it or visualize what I have always had in my mind for a while. How does a small key that you only need to turn in a slim hole get the big box with four rollers to come alive? When you insert the key you will find that nothing happens but when you turn the key, the engine comes alive, the radio comes on, a couple of lights start blinking, the wipers clean your glass, your car can even be telling you how much fuel you have and how much more you need, you can see the speed at which you are moving and also the temperature of your car! All of this started with just the turning of a simple small key and we still take that experience for granted.
One other thing I had like to bring to your attention is a scenario where there are two cars and two people. One person has the key to a car and the other person needs to move but does not have the key. The one who does not have the key needed to start moving so he decided to push the car for as long as he could. While doing that, the one with the car key just unlocked the car entered, started the engine and moved on. Here’s what you can immediately think about the situation. With the key you do not have to stress yourself or use up your energy and you can still travel at a speed but without the key you are using a lot of energy and you are still slowed down.
What I have come to realize is that I can get a lot going for myself just as you can when I use my faith – belief or confidence about an anticipated result consequent upon a step you are about to take. I also think that the faith or belief or confidence in the step we are about to take in life is just like the car keys that we have to turn. The engine of life is there just like the car! The key of life is our faith and we have to insert it into the engine of life but nothing happens if we do not turn that key – faith – in the engine of life. Like the car key, there are many things that can come alive if we turn our faith – key to the engine of life – and if we don’t it does not mean we do not have an engine in life but it just means the engine will remain there and nothing will happen.
I thought about bringing this your way in order to challenge you not to leave your life in a dormant state. The key that turns the engine of your life is in your hands and all you have to do is to insert your key into the engine of life and turn it. When you do it now then you will find out that some things are not as hard as they seem.
With the key – faith – you can secure the car – your life – and as well get the engine running! For the most part, what I like I the fact that the key in our lives is a combination of your mind and your mouth. You already have them and don’t need to pay for them so why not use them to drive your life!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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