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Faith is a strong connection to God’s ultimate and unlimited power that can help me with the things I can never fix with my intelligence or energy. When it engages God on my behalf, it becomes the invisible energy helping my thoughts to control and command my results. So the question is, ‘why should anything, apart from faith, be my reality?’
To some people, there are some parts of their lives where they think they have to be realistic and by that they think they should not be talking about faith. They have segregated their lives into portions to have segments where they can comfortably discuss or express faith and they also have the segments where they say, ‘this is not a matter of faith. It is a matter of reality.’
Why do people even say this is a matter of reality? They are probably faced with some seemingly big financial situations or some issues in the office. They probably have a big idea that needs funding or someone needs to get a new accommodation or a new car. When people say this is not a matter of faith but reality, they do not know that they are unconsciously expressing fear but are too proud to admit it.
I think the reason faith never even works for a number of people is based on the fact that they want to practice the selective faith. They have issues upon which they think it’s okay to express faith and on the others, they feel they need some reality. Whatever you call your reality outside of your faith in motion will always be your reality. It does not matter if it is a negative situation.
I cannot imagine living my life outside of faith and that explains why I get some things done easily! Those who claim they want to be realistic are still out there trying to be realistic and they cannot get things done because they are meeting with brick walls all the time. People sometimes feel so good about expressing faith when they get into religious worship centers but when they get into the corporate world where the faith they learnt in the worship center is to be expressed, they then begin to talk about reality.
I have so many things that I have said in my life and I never knew how they were going to happen. I only decided to say what was on my mind and push my faith to work. In some of the most difficult situations and unimaginable circumstances, all I have ever held unto is my faith about having things turn around for me. So many people keep trying to engage their energy and intelligence when they should simply engage their faith and things will happen for them faster than they can make things happen.  In some cases when people were looking for money to be on television, I put my faith to work and I have been on several television shows running for months and then into years! I also got on radio by faith. Several other things in my life have been materializing just by believing they will and I don’t have to struggle to get them done!
Faith is a strong connection to God’s ultimate and unlimited power that can help me and you or anyone at all with the things we can never fix with our intelligence or energy. When our faith successfuly engages God on our behalf, it becomes the invisible energy helping our thoughts to control and command results for us. Never separate faith and your life again!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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