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Our entire lives can be seen when we look back and reflect on what we all did as babies just before we began to walk. There is no one among us who was able to walk successfully without first being made to sit down and then someone tried to help us stand up. Even after we had gone past that stage of just sitting down and people were holding us up to be able to stand properly, our legs still shook. It was not the first time someone tried to help us stand up that we were able to stand. When we also began to crawl, we would at some point get stuck. We would also cry for help and in some cases the help may not come. When we realized that help was not coming, we simply waited for a while and gathered enough strength to start moving again. Finally when we started taking our first few steps on our feet, we fell severally! Sometimes we cried and at other times when we were seriously after something, we just got up and tried to walk again. The process continued until we were strong enough to walk and then run without falling except something trips us off.
Many of us always seem to forget those critical parts of our lives where God started teaching us some vital lessons in life. I think that those phases are the times when we learnt some of the most important lessons in life. The greatest lessons you will ever learn are often not the ones you picked within the four walls of the classroom but the ones God made you go through from the time you were a baby up until now. I also think that the things God makes us go through are very deliberate and also calculated for each person’s destination in life.
You may not like the fact that some things are not working for you right now or the fact that you seem to have failed but I dare say that you have to go through some of those phases. If you simply succeeded without any hitches on the way you may not understand what it is to be successful. You may also take the success for granted because it did not cost you anything. When you get started at something and it looks like it’s not working, don’t pack up and go yet. Just remember that when you were a baby, you did not start walking the first day you stood on your feet. It was a process and falling down was also a big part of the process.
You also need to remember that as your parents or other guardians tried to help you walk when you were small, they were able to understand how strong your feet was by how often you fell down. When a child constantly falls down, you would often take that child off the ground and say that the child will try again later. You would also take the child off the ground because you do not want the child’s legs to be broken. You want the child to regain some strength before trying to help the child walk again.
I know that some people will say what they are doing comes with too much pains. It is not convenient to continue because of the pains. That sounds like a good reason to quit but remember that as a child you cried a lot and that was the reason help came to you from those around. When you cried, people immediately started thinking about what they could do to help and they did try a number of things in order to get you to stop crying.
Always look back in life whenever you seem to have a setback. Just picture that baby that is trying very hard to walk. Take a look at the baby when the baby is falling and how the baby tried to walk again. In some instances you will see the parents of the baby challenging the baby to get up and walk again. At other times, they will put something that the baby likes in front of the baby just to keep the baby motivated.
Life can be a very long process and we all have to go through it. I don’t know where you seem to be falling and why you are falling but there are only two important things and they are:
Falling down is critical to walking so we all must fall to be able to walk later.
The falling is not as important as getting up after the fall. The only reason you will be able to walk in life is not that you never fell but that you always got up after falling.
So here’s what to remember and to always walk with. Falling is a part of the process but get up as soon as you can after falling to continue walking!
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