Fathers of exile – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Always busy in bed
For in such is their delight
No file is unattended to
So long it came from ‘skirts.’
Like a wild dog
Protecting a prey
From cassanovaric predators
Of their own feathers
So they Shepard their flock
Not knowing the clock
Would become a witnessing rock
To what the pelvis under their block
Was going to unlock.
They needn’t await
Reward of their labour
‘cos tummies
Had begun testimonies.
Horses whose strength
Are motivated and activated
By walking skirts
Have left their ‘wages.’
In days when chaps
Needed to be loved,
Fathers were on exile
But genes were not exiled.
These heroes
Birthed by heroes
Birthed more heroic heroes
But all time you have
Fathers on exile.
Fola Daniel Adelesi

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