Fear of the unknown: The big corporate shackle | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Waking up at odd hours when you still feel like sleeping, leaving for work in the morning when your children are still sleeping and probably returning when they would have slept, leaving the welfare of your children to the hands of some strangers called house help, accepting all sorts of insults from someone who is younger than you because he or she is your boss, staying with obvious frustration in a place of work because of the peanuts someone pays you as a salary and spending your little income that is left trying to get your health back have all been attributed to fear of the unknown by a lot of people in the corporate world.
I have met with several people who are conspicuously frustrated with their jobs but they cannot leave the job because they think they will starve to death since they do not have another job to take up immediately. Some other people will see that there is the possibility of being fired from that place of work but will not make any move and just wait until they are fired before they start thinking about what to do.
For the few others who seem to be a little proactive, they have begun to think about what they can do even if they decide to resign from their present places of work but they have stopped at just thinking about what they can do! They have not taken any bold step to consider implementing what they have been planning. I have said that these ones are a little proactive because if such people get fired, the thoughts they have had on their minds regarding what to do will always be the first thing to come back to their minds. They may take it up from there and eventually do something meaningful with their time and life.
I always have a mixed feeling of anger and passion when I see people who are doing things that are frustrating them but they are still there just because of the money they want to get. I have always known that I would be a business owner so I started saying, ‘I will not hire someone I cannot fire!’ At some point when I had to do something under some people for a while, I also started saying, ‘I will never take a job that I cannot easily resign from.’ When I eventually graduated these things started playing out! I didn’t even consider taking up a job at first but after so much pressure I took up a job. I resigned my first job 3 days after I resumed! I continued with my passion – speaking and writing. I had also started my first radio show then – and I got another job about two months later. I managed to stay 3 full months on the new job before I wrote in to say that I would prefer to work on part time basis.
I think I could easily pull out of jobs to do what I really feel fulfilled doing because freedom was in my mind. When I’m talking about freedom in this case I mean I first discovered my purpose and passion. Since the discovery of my purpose and passion, I made up my mind never to take up any job outside of the areas covered by my purpose and passion. The next thing I also began to do was to brush up my skills such that I had begun to make money through my passion before I graduated from school.
So many people are stuck in the corporate world not only because of the fear of the unknown but because of the discovery they have refused to make about themselves or the skills they have refused to sharpen! What do they mean by the fear of the unknown? I think I should just write another piece on that but many people talk about the fear of the unknown because they do not have another plan for their lives outside of the jobs they have at the moment.
Fear of the unknown is about the biggest corporate monster in our world today and millions of people in the corporate world are living with it. Consequently, they allow other people determine their destinies by not taking it in their hands to do something with it.
For how long will someone else determine your destiny because of what you call the fear of the unknown?
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