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As I look through the events of our daily lives – either the expected or the unexpected – I realize that we’ll always have to get to that point where we decide to go on or to give up! Sometimes we want to go on but we just don’t have the will power to go on and at that point, some kind of confusion may set in!
This brings me to the question that some people have asked severally, ‘what do you do when you don’t know what to do?’ In the bid to sound a little spiritual some have said, ‘you have to turn to God!’ I agree we need to turn to God but there’s more to fighting the fight of faith than just turning to God!
Our first issue is that we really need to see the areas where we are fighting the fight of faith! Some of the things we have given up on today and are concluding that they will never work are things we gave up on years before now by not keeping the fight of faith on those things! Is your marriage falling apart right now? When was the last time you got down on your knees to pray for your marriage before trouble started! Sometimes we don’t know that even though God can answer prayers speedily, some prayers just come when it’s too late!
Is your business collapsing right in front of you? You need to remember there are things you can’t hold together with your physical strength, connection or even net worth! All you need is to keep the fight of faith over your business and water it on daily basis with the word in your mouth! Many people do not know that there is what is called spiritual capital – I define Spiritual Capital as the unseen and faith based investment in your business that drives it along with other known principles. Your words are part of your spiritual capital!
Are you thinking about giving up on your children, what about your education or your career? Well in the last few days I kept remembering that Jesus got to a point and he truly verbalized his thoughts! He had thought about giving up so he said he wished that the cup would pass over him but he immediately went back to the fight of faith – ‘nevertheless, not my will but your will.’
I think Jesus simply gave up fighting with strength and allowed God’s will to strengthen him because it was recorded that angels came to minister to him!
Too many of us have given up on different things in our lives and are no longer fighting the fight of faith but we don’t know! How do you know that you’ve given up the fight of faith on something or an area of your life? I think it’s simple! It’s when you find it hard to confess anything positive over something, someone or an area in your life! It’s not when things start to go wrong! Things only go completely wrong when we first give up the fight of faith over everything that concerns us!
Will you stop fighting and watching everything – your marriage, business, career, education, country … – die just like that or will you keep fighting the fight of faith?
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