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There are those who want to be financially free and they are making daily effort towards that desire. Interesting, they are trying very hard to make more money because they think more money will solve the problem.
Sadly, having more money does not solve your financial issues. No, it does not. You can put this to test by getting more money in anyway you can and see if it solves all the issues that you have.
Getting more cash only gives you temporary relief. Money does not even translate to financial freemdom! To start with, you will need a redefinition of what you call wealth. You will get to that level where you will understand that some people have cash flow but they do not have wealth. Some others have the wealth but may never be seen with a lot of cash.
To become free financially, try to learn more about money all the time. There will always be something new and you just can’t learn it all. Until you get your financial intelligence right, you can get your continuous financial freedom.
There are stages in the financial intelligence journey and they include:
1. Learn and master how to make money.
2. Learn to raise money for whatever you need to do.
3. Learn how to keep the cash flowing
4. Learn to invest
5. Learn the best way to save and make it a habit
6. Learn to live with only the cash you need and still get any cash you need at any time.
These things I have listed look very simple and they even seem like what you already know until you take them one after the other, research them or sit at the feat of someone to learn about each one.
Stop trying hard on daily basis to go after money and not learn about money. It’s a terrible mistake that so many people are making. One of the terrible consequences of that is that you keep trying to learn with your money and you end up wasting all the money in the process.
Two things happen when you use your money. You either waste it or unintelligently dash it out to other people. Stop that and see how you can make others bring money to you. It’s so encouraging to note that you can wake up and not be looking for money where it doesn’t exist.
Financial freedom is a reality but it can be determined by your financial intelligence.
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