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Before money comes into the hands of so many people, just like you and I, there are so many thoughts that would have gone on that money. You would have dissected and sliced or practically throw it around though it has not come. So when the money finally comes, it can be referred to as dead on arrival as some medical folks will say.
Are you still wondering what happens to your money and why it cant stay for a while whenever you get? Maybe you should not wonder again. You have been thinking about what will befall the money just before it came and when it came you did justice to it.
I can tell you that your financial intentions or your financial thoughts are the things that determine if you will always have some money left or not. I also intend to show you are important your dominant financial thoughts and how it can affect your future.
You will agree that as human beings we are products of our thoughts and we are just exactly what we think. So when a man thinks more about how to spend money, he will simply spend the money when it comes. If a man is thinking more about how to invest money then he will invest the money when it comes.
I guess you will understand that money has no capacity. It is has no real shape or form and will only take on the character of the person managing or controlling it. With that in mind, you need to check your financial thoughts to see what you either have something left or nothing left at all. You need to check your financial thoughts to see why you get money when you need it or why you cannot get money when you need it.
For many men, they are thinking about the next set of electronics to buy when the money comes. Some are thinking about the cars to buy. You are not a car dealer but you get a new car nearly every six months. Since most men dont do too much of jewellery, they want to compensate that with an expensive wrist watch, a classy shoe and some really good suits or shirts. So many guys cant spare that new phone that is being advertised. The one that shocks me more often is when I see people whose mobile devices are sold at a rate which is twice the salary they earn. All of these things are good and I love them too. 
For the ladies, it is certain they will try out the new expensive hair style that is enough to buy a plot of land in my village that is not too far from Lagos. They must buy the next ear ring that is probably half of their salary or the bag to match their dress. Some just cant spare those high heels when they see them. They will never forgive themselves for not buying them. I see ladies wearing dresses that I know their salaries cant accommodate except if they do nothing but buy dresses with all their salaries.
Many people are servicing one debt or the other with most of their incomes because they have already spent the money they have not earned. For some, it may seem understandable. For others, it is simply unjustifiable.
Let me quick to say that this is not to condemn anyone. You can buy what you want and use what you like but I need to expose the direction you are headed financially! You will always find yourself needing more money now and later in the future if all you ever think about is how to spend and you are waiting to make more money. There are those who may not have enough today but will soon move out of that zone because they are not only thinking about how to spend but thinking about what they can invest in.
You should realize that money is a bad master if money were to control you but it is always a good servant if you are the one in charge. Please check your financial intentions today. Are you always thinking of what next to buy or thinking of what next to invest in? These two are important but the one that weighs more shows you how you will end up. Make adjustments if you have to so that you will not sell what you need in future for buying what you dont need right now.  
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