Fine tune the vision. (Vision series 1) | © Fola Daniel Adelesi.

A clear picture of a television as a receiver came to my mind as I was preparing to write on this new vision series and this will definitely help you on the reasons to fine tune your vision. When you turn on a new television set without hanging the antenna of the television, you may not get any picture except for noise! The new televisions that are being produced have been modernized so they do not produce noise but you will not have any picture when you turn it on without setting the antenna or scanning for stations within the reach of the television. To get a clear picture, you have to set your antenna and then scan for television stations. Until then, you have to make do with the noise or the several dots showing on the screen!
We can boldly say that the lives of many people are like those televisions that have not been scanned and do not have antennas! Their lives do not have any meaning and unfortunately a lot of them are waiting for the society to give their lives some kind of meaning! It is your responsibility to give your life a meaning by deliberately fine tuning it! Set the antenna of your life and scan for the transmitters around your life that can help you pass a meaningful message across.
Until you have set the antenna of your life and you have done the appropriate scanning, there is no way your life can have a meaning. Do you remember having troubles with any TV set in your house? Let’s say you tried very hard to scan for new stations and you could not get any, what do you do? For some people, they just don’t have the luxury of time to seat with a ‘rebellious TV set’ so they just pack it back into the carton and for others, they will go the extra mile of getting someone who knows more about it to fix it for them.
In life you may be lucky enough to get into some situations where getting someone who knows more about the issues might be a reality. In some other cases, once you get to the place where you are expected to perform and you don’t then you are doomed without remedy in that instance.
Using the picture of the television once again, you have to work on fine tuning your vision with the following in mind:
1. There is always a transmitter passing messages across whether your TV is on or not!
2. A TV has the capacity to receive whether a scan has been done or not
3. Any TV that refuses to show pictures as expected of it by the audience will be abandoned.
As for your visions, each number above means:
1. God can be likened to the transmitter that constantly gives visions whether we receive it or not.
2. We are the TV sets that have the capacity to receive the visions being transmitted regardless of how well we have fine-tuned our receiving strength!
3. Anyone of us that refuses to get a vision amongst the many being transmitted by God will ultimately become irrelevant and be abandoned in life!
It is important for us to fine tune our visions because that is a major thread for our relevance in life. If we want to be relevant, we have to fine tune the vision that the transmitters of God are trying to send to us! Begin the fine tuning today!
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