First steps in 2020 | Fola Daniel Adelesi

Welcome to the year 2020. I believe some of you are excited about the New Year and the possibilities of a new beginning. Some others may still be hurt by the disappointments of 2019 but you must bear in mind that you’re no longer in 2019. You’ve moved past it either by persevering or by some stroke of luck, if that’s what you think it is. I’m certain God brought you this far because there is more in 2020 for you to do.
Every New Year presents an opportunity to take definite steps and start all over. You get the chance to make things right or start on a different note. You have the chance to forget the hurts and pains of the past and move on to the great privileges of the future.
If you have expectations from this New Year, be reminded that you had expectations in the previous year. There were so many things you wanted but some of them did not happen. It is possible you took some actions and not much happened at the end of it all.
While hoping that 2020 will indeed be a better year for you, I suggest you take the following information:

  1. Exit all WhatsApp groups that aren’t helping you. You’re probably in too many groups and you haven’t exited because you don’t want to offend some people. Well, if you continue on the path of not wanting to offend people, they’ll keep taking your precious time and ultimately, your life. Exit those groups now and only join the ones that add value to your life and time.
  2. Reduce Social Media time. Social Media can be unconsciously addictive. You have to check yourself. Many people can’t relate with other human beings anymore. They are in front of their loved ones but they’re spending more time on social media with strangers that are far away. You can’t imagine how much time you’re spending on social media. Cut down on that time and be sure to engage in other productive things to hit your goal so long as social media is not your job, business or income fetching tool.
  3. Be clear on about 5 goals you need to hit in 2020. Some people are able to set several goals but that may not work for everyone. If what works for you is a few serious goals, focus on those ones. If you’re only good at chasing one goal per time, then pick the most important goal that you have to achieve this year and go after that goal with all your energy.
  4. Specify a financial goal. It is most likely that you’ll not be able to achieve much if you don’t have your financial goals on track. That’s why you need to set your financial goals as you’re setting other goals in your life. How are you going to make more money? What investments can you put your money into? Who are the people you’re owing and how are you going to pay them back? How will you ensure steady cash flow in 2020 so you’re not at the mercy of other people?
  5. Identify your collaborators. Too many people are lone rangers! They keep trying things out on their own and they can’t achieve much that way. Some haven’t been able to achieve anything because they’re lone rangers. Others are achieving something but will scale and do a lot more if only they collaborate. Look for people who can help you scale. Look for people who are doing what you want to do whose experience will count.
  6. Take business or career related training. You definitely can’t underrate the importance of constant training. You need new training that will equip you and also show people that you’re learning something new. On your career, new training will give you the needed edge. You’ll be able to deliver more results and you probably get some promotion too.
  7. Spend more time with goal driven people. If you have a lot of great goals and you do not have goal driven people around you, you’ll just realize that you’ve become so comfortable with achieving nothing. You’ll be so calm and take things slowly until you see that you’re not getting your goals.

Make the most of 2020. You have another chance to ensure that this year is a better year than the last one. If you don’t take actions, nothing will happen. The time to start is now!

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