First Steps of an Entrepreneur | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

First steps of an entrepreneur | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
There are so many things that people would have succeeded at if they started out when they had the strength and passion to go for them. Unfortunately, they tend to look back when they have lost that strength and passion to pursue the dreams.
I have met some people who have really desired to be entrepreneurs but have never taken any step because they really think its a whole lot to be an entrepreneur. I will not disagree that it takes a whole lot to be but I must say that its not that difficult to start. When you are starting out I think the key things you would need are clarity of purpose and the courage to start whats in your mind regardless of the imminent challenges.
Apart from clarity or purpose and the courage to step out, heres what I came up with:
1.Identify a need (the need you identify is the business you are into)
2.Set your target audience (Whose needs are you meeting? Make it clear)
3.Create products or render services – or do both. (Physical things or actions to meet needs)
4.Define your vision (Where are you going with this and why do you have to do it?)
5.Choose a business name based on service to be rendered or products to be created
6.Work out a logo You need a unique design that identifies with your products or service.
7.Register your business name Business is not recognized till you do so.
8.Get a bank account make payments easy for your clients and for yourself.
9.Create a website or blogs people can see what you do online know what to ask for!
10. Have social networking pages for promotional purposes they sure bring clients!
11.Official phone You may not want business calls coming in at odd hours.
12.Email there are some clients you will never see. Email does the job!
13.Letter Heads your correspondence you be clean and simple.
14.Complimentary cards it helps people remember what you do and contact details
15.Office/ home base operations (decide that based on your pocket)
16.Sign posts or advertising materials direct clients or to get new ones.
Being an entrepreneur is not really limited to these steps listed above and some of the things listed here are things you can do in a few hours or a few days. The important thing is to start something with the idea in your head and dont wait until your colleagues who are starting out now have started prospering before you remember that if you started out at the same time you would have prospered as well.
Taking the first irreversible step will go a long way in your business life and you will always be glad you did. Do it now so that you dont regret working out all your strength in the service that empowers and prospers another person only.
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