Fix the future, move on from the mess! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

Have you ever thought you messed up so badly with something that it just might be hard to fix anything? Have you messed up with your academics or your career or business or ministry or just any other thing that’s a vital part of your life? Did you pick up a bad habit and messed yourself up so much that it’s very hard for you to break the habit? Have you been to jail for doing something terrible and now you are out but you don’t know where to start from? The first and the most important thing you have to do is to move on from the mess and fix the future!
It often feels bad when you know that you have messed up so much that nobody around even wants to help you. Even though you have messed up, your responsibility is not to go around agreeing with everyone that you have messed up. When you go around just agreeing with everyone that you messed up rather than fixing what’s left then you are going to make a total mess of your future.
If you are still alive you still have a future and your mess, as they always say, can still become a message to other people. Some of us were sent into this world to live a life that will inspire others to be their best but we are not going to be able to inspire other people if all we have are stories of other people to share. In motivating other people, our own stories are very important. When we do not have stories to tell about the mess we have been through and how we fixed them, other people will find it hard to take counsel from us. They will think that we are just sharing head knowledge. But when we go into details of the issues we had to deal with before getting the admirable life they now see, they will understand that they can still make a lot of meaning out of their own lives.
Several people make a mess of their lives when they are still under the influence of peer pressure but now that you are no longer under the influence of peer pressure, you should not allow the mess to continue to mess up your future. I have not seen anyone who messed up so badly that the person now loses everything in the future! Don’t ever let anyone talk you into believing that you have lost everything and there is nothing you can make out of your life. Everything alive has time in common. We all as human beings have time in common and so long as we all are alive, we will all share the same 24 hours daily. If we still share the same 24 hours daily then we still have great opportunities to make deposits into our future and draw from them as well.
Some may say that you have lost all resources but all you need is just time and your head. When you have that time and you can still think with your head, you can negotiate for any amount of resources currently in another person’s possession. I remember someone once said, ‘when a man with money meets a man with experience, the man with experience will go home with the money and the man who once had the money will now go home with experience!’
I really don’t know how bad you think you have messed up but I know that all you need to do right now is not to look at the mess you already have but to look away from the mess and fix the future staring at you. If you don’t fix the future, you will have another mess to deal with!
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