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While timing has a great advantage for all of us, some people are not allowing it work to their advantage. Once they think about time in relation to what they are yet to achieve, they start fretting. There are only a few people who ever think about what can still be done in the time left rather than focusing on what has not been done or what has already been done!
It may look like you’re running out of time but when you constantly think about how little the remaining time is, you are likely to lose the remaining energy you have in you. It is important to note that you can lose what’s left in you because of what you’ve already lost or you can chose to make the most of what’s left in you and gain something.
On several occasions I have heard that it is not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog! So you can possibly see a small dog bouncing back to win the fight against a bigger dog! What are the issues you are facing right now that make you look like a small dog already losing the fight? Remember the fight in the dog is more important than the size of the dog! Don’t go down without a fight!
Think of it in another way. If you have a losing team in football, what the players will be doing is to think about what can still be done with the time left. They will not say we’ve lost this game already and there is no point staying on the field to continue! While they are making all necessary efforts, the coach observes from a distance to see if there are some tired legs in the team. If he spots anyone, he takes the person out and brings in a new person who has enough strength to offer for the time left. The coach also usually hopes that his substitutes can be the game changers! Whatever happens, they don’t stop trying to win until the final whistle!
To start thinking about what you have already lost or to only think about the things you have not achieved is like counting your losses before the final whistle in a match! That does not make any sense! Do you know why? It’s because you need nighty minutes to play the match but the entire match can be decided in just two minutes! I have seen a couple of games that would have ended with the undesired results but few seconds to the end of the game or a minute of added time just changes the entire result!
Bring those football realities into your life. You have not lost it all. You still have a chance to change things in your favour and I hope you seize that opportunity! What is it that you can still do with what you have left either in resources or physical time?
I suggest you think of these things and take that last chance to turn things around for yourself because you still can, even though the time looks short!

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