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For more than 50 years this man has been playing music but I dare say that he did not become as famous as he probably expected he was going to be. He stayed in the same room with his 10 children for years and obviously did not own a home of his own. He was very good and there is no doubt about that but something was not working just the way he thought it would work.
He composed his song “won ke re si number wa” in the 60s but the same song only became famous around the year 2000. He had gone through so much and at a time music was not enough to feed him so he had to work as a security officer in a church. He was, according to him, wrongly accused so he had to be fired. He went on to play music in churches using his acoustic guitar box at different occasions. He did this again and again but what I did not understand was why he did not give up.
His contemporaries, the likes of Ebenezar Obey, King Sunny Ade, Orlando Julius and many others who are even far younger than he is made more money in music than he did but he still did not quit.
Around the year 2000 when he was slightly above 70 years he went to perform in an event where Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the governor of Lagos state in Nigeria between 1999-2003, was one of the guests seated. After his performance he had a yearning in his heart so he took the courage and asked the governor if it was ideal for a living music legend to live in a rented apartment with his 10 children. When the governor heard this he offered him a two bedroom apartment where he now lives.
It was after this that this octogenarian who is preparing for his 83rd birthday as I write this article remixed one of his songs and the song brought him back to limelight. When he walked into the studios of Galaxy television just a few minutes before I went on air for the motivational segment of morning delight, a few things struck me.
At 83 this man walked in with his leather kangol cap and a sun shade. He had a jeans trouser and a jeans jacket to match which was obviously made by the same designer. His skin was clean and still looking very agile. There was no video clip the presenter could play to show some of his works so he quickly picked up his guitar and played with the kind of dexterity you may not even get from young players.
He played music for many years and suffered for many years but finally made it. Go on with what you know you were called to do. You may not hit the gold right away but if you are in the right track and you are doing it right you will always have your place amongst the best folks in your chosen endeavours. Don’t assume it will not work just as soon as it is beginning to work out for you!

Fola Daniel & Fatai Rolling Dollar - Your time will always come
Fola Daniel & Fatai Rolling Dollar - Your time will always come

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