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Following a plan is always like climbing a stairway! There will always be an obvious progress because you can see that you used to be on the first stair case but now you have left the ground floor for the first floor or other floors. It’s pretty much the same with having a plan that you can follow in a year and for every area of your life!
I have spoken with some people and I am always amazed that they do not have a plan and they also do not seem bothered about the fact that they do not have a plan! When I say they do not have a plan I mean they do not actually know what they intend to do with their lives! Even if you have to start with copying someone’s plan! I think that’s what I now have to tell some people! I ordinarily would have told you never to follow another person’s plan but someone people just appear totally confused when you talk about planning their lives!
Maybe I should attempt to answer questions on how to plan your life. When you want to submit a plan to someone, the plan is expected to answer a couple of questions and I think that a really good place to start from. What are the questions that your plan is supposed to answer?
1. Where are you going in life?
– Where do you want to end up in another 30 to 40 years?
– When your name is mentioned what will come to people’s minds?
2. How will you get to where you are going in life?
– What skill would you need to get to that place in life?
– What kind of job do you really need to do?
3. What will drive you to where you are going?
– What is your real passion?
– What gets you excited that you can make a job out of it and never get tired doing it?
– What are you so good at that you can be sleeping and will still do it effectively?
I think we can go on and on with several other questions but when you successfully answer all these questions above then you would have gotten somewhere with a plan.
You can never be productive without a plan. You must have either an original plan of your own or even a plan handed to you that you have modified to work with as you go on I life.
When you have a plan I must say that it also like having several chapters in a book. Before you bought the book the author would have written everything in those chapters so when you are done with the first chapter, there is something already waiting for you in the next chapter! To the author, it’s already a concluded plan but to you who is the reader, it is an unfolding plan! That is also the way your life should be to other people because you are life a book they read! There are people who are seeing the current phase of your life right now and they are waiting for the next phase! They want to know what will happen! When you have a plan for your life, you can just open the next chapter and be like the unfolding plan to the book reader!
An unplanned life is not only a wasted life but it’s like a dead engine! Come alive my friends and draw up a plan for your life!
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