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I have repeatedly heard about men and women who don’t want to come to church and I have seen some of them. The only reason they have given is that the people in the church are hypocrites. They say the pastors are thieves and they are just stealing all the money that the congregation is gathering and they are living large while the congregation is living in abject poverty.
They believe that the best thing for them to do is to have a personal relationship with God and not have any religion needless to talk about even visiting the church. When you hear some of them speak in that manner, you can only weep for the church because there are some people who are truly misrepresenting the church and diluting the messages of Jesus.
However, I think if you are one of those who don’t want to go to church and build a relationship because of what you have seen, or you know anyone like that, please note or tell the person that we have a responsibility to follow Jesus and not men.
If we understand that we are in the body of Christ to follow Jesus and not men, then we will see how important it is for us to still be in the body of Christ and not focus on all the people who are getting it wrong. Some say some pastors are living off the congregation. I think that is true but is it every pastor that is doing that? No! Are there people who still have a heart for God and are doing the things that God has told them to do? Yes!
You must not let the acts of men become the stumbling block for your own relationship with Jesus and your possibility of entering the kingdom of heaven. How can you say you are on your own but you have a relationship with God? Even when Jesus came to this earth he was not on his own. Now that was God in human form but he still had disciples around him. It was the disciples around him that eventually started the church when he left.
People may have gotten in all wrong in some places but you should note that God’s plan for us while here on earth is to part of his church. How important is the church to God? The church is referred to as the bride of Jesus. Although you should also note that the church in this case is not really the building or the denominations that you know today. The reference is to the people in it. You are a part of a larger group referred to as the church.
It can’t get so bad that there is no church anywhere that does not preach the undiluted word of God or focus on salvation and holiness. If you really believe in God and you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour then you must be a part of his church. The church does not belong to men. It belongs to Jesus. So when you say you don’t belong to any church, technically it means you don’t belong to Jesus.
Don’t let men become a stumbling block to you. There is so much Jesus has to offer you and they transcend all the logical argument you are giving for not going to church. On the last day, we all will stand face to face with our maker and give an account of all the things he committed to our hands. You stop being the judge for now and just follow Jesus through the church so that you can truly learn and be properly saved. Follow the leading of Jesus where the focus of the church is Jesus and not men who have made themselves the focus.
Save your soul and stop the argument today.

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