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You cant go about pursuing other peoples dreams just as you have been doing just because you want to impress them. While you are trying to impress them you are struggling with your own life and peace. You wake up on daily basis trying hard to fit into what others think you should be doing and not working on what you are cut out for?
What are you really cut out for? If what you are doing right now is not what you are cut out for then you should not be doing it. You have to get into what it is that you do without struggling or the fear of impressing someone.
There are too many people out there who lived the life of another person for so long until a life situation changes their plans. That’s when they realize that they could be doing something different.
Have you not noticed that when you are doing what others expect you to do they are the ones enjoying it? They are the ones feeling good about you and bragging about your status. While they are bragging about who they want you to be, you are just doing the job and not enjoying it.
If you do what you are cut out for and really love to do, you will enjoy peace. You will be very satisfied with yourself and you can make more profits from what you are doing. I know that everything is not always about profit but it does make a lot of sense to just to what it is that you really do well.
When you get into what you are cut out for everyone around you will know that this is what you are meant to be doing. When you get to work people just love your work. They like the way you do it and when you do it. They will celebrate you for doing it even when you don’t think that you have done too much.
I usually experience that celebration when I get on stage to speak or to anchor events. The same thing happens for my writing. Sometimes I don’t think that I have given my best. Or while I am thinking that I can do more I just find someone who says that was a wonderful performance or that was a great speech. Maybe I was looking for a story to drive home my point and it didn’t just come or something else to add colours and I didn’t get. I would be thinking about that but people still come to say they enjoyed what I thought was not good enough. If I was not cut out for what I am doing those commendations will never come.
You have to choose between two things. The first is to impress people and be frustrated and the second is to do what you were wired to do and be celebrated. The choice also has to be made very quickly. If you don’t, it might be too late and you will have to stick to impressing people for a very long time.
What usually happens at the end of that long impressive journey of your life for others is another phase of life filled with regrets. That phase is usually terrible and you don’t want to get into that. But if you do what you are cut out for, you will get into another phase of your life that is filled with joy and satisfaction.
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