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In the previous articles I have written about leadership, there was one that talked about being both a follower and a leader. This is a perfect example of being both a follower and a leader. If you are going to lead effectively or successfully in life, you must be following the leading of God. I am yet to see anyone who wants to really succeed and is not ready to follow the leading of God.
Apart from the fact that this may sound very spiritual, I can tell you that it is one of the simplest things to do. When you follow the leading of God in your life, you:
1. Get the best plan to work with.
2. Can almost tell the end from the beginning
3. You produce results effortlessly.
4. Have no reason to be confused.
5. Get due rewards for following him
6. Follow him and he makes you.
7. Know that your results are guaranteed when you follow him.
Life is really easy for those who have chosen to follow God. You would have just taken some worries away from your own head and helped yourself to succeed in the best possible way. How do you then follow the leading of God you may ask? If you are going to follow the leading of God then I can suggest the following:
1. You can’t be led by God if he is not your father. So this basic and first step has to be taken care of.
2. He sends you the Holy Spirit once you have become his son or daughter and you can be led by Him.
3. When you talk to him he also talks back to you and this may be in prayers.
If you read his word you will find clear instructions as to what to do in life and in every situation of life.
4. He will also send his servants – pastors – to lead you.
Some people have though that they can do things just because they are intelligent. When they tried their intelligence they realized that it failed. Some of them did not only fail, they got into trouble because they did not follow the leading of God in life.
As a child of God, if you have believed unto righteousness with your heart and made confession unto salvation – you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead – then you can’t be living without his leading. Not following God’s leading can get you into things that only God’s mercy can get you out of. What has happened to those who did not follow God’s leading? They:
1. Lost the battle before getting started.
Became confused about everything they started out to do.
2. Even lost all the resources they had before getting started
3. Got into trouble with other people they probably used to smile with.
4. May have lost their soul trying to get things done.
5. Compromise their faith in order to get results
6. Panic over things that should give them rest.
It does not matter if you agree that you are a leader or not. It is very important for you to follow God’s leading.
Throughout scriptures we saw that most great leaders and the ones that also lived long followed the leading of God in order to enjoy their reign. The ones that chose not to follow the leading of God lost their thrones and lost their lives. In this present day it will mean losing your position, resources and probably your life if you don’t follow the leading of God.
The men that you follow here on earth cannot give a guarantee over your life. Amazingly, when you choose to follow God he will give you a guarantee over your life and pay you more than what you are worth.
Do you desire peace while leading others and also getting sweatless results? Just begin by following the leading of God. He will give you everything you need and still make you a superstar for following his lead.

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