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In our quest to succeed, thousands of thoughts flood our minds on daily basis and the ones we respond to or do not respond to often determine where we end up in life. Some people say those who have ideas are just dreamers! Well, from ideas, I have published books, I have gone on radio and I have gone on television. My reality today was a nudge that I responded to in the past.
When we walk on the road we experience flashes of inspiration and some of them are so strong and so clear that people’s names and places come to our minds. In some cases there are specific thoughts on actions that even follow to make us understand what we can do. Sometimes when all of these things go on in our minds they may not seem realistic. For some others, they don’t only seem unrealistic they also sound very foolish.
Men sometimes continue in their frustration simply for disregarding a simple thought or a nudge or an idea. I have come to settle the fact that when I receive a nudge I will respond and take bold steps towards making the ideas a reality. If someone says no to me it does not mean that the idea cannot work or that it is not sellable. It only means that I have more steps to take either to convince that person who said no or to go to another place where they place value on such ideas.
One morning, I was watching television and I saw a programme where a comedian was being interviewed. As the show went on I received a nudge to go and talk to the presenter. After all, I had better content to offer than what the comedian was offering them. It took me some time to find out where the television station was but when I did, I followed my mind. I had like to save you the long story but end result was that I did 55 television presentations in that station on a live show when I only thought about doing one.
As an undergraduate I received a nudge to publish a book. I got out of bed in the middle of the night, started scribbling ideas on paper without even knowing how it was going to work but I just wrote all that came to my mind. I also wrote a list of some people I would like to talk to regarding sponsorship but I had never met anyone of them and meeting them seemed farfetched. The following day I started talking to people about the idea and it wasn’t too long before I found someone who knew one of the people I wanted to talk to about sponsorship. He was willing to take me to the person and when he did I presented the idea. The prospective sponsor loved it and that was how I published the first book in 2005. It all started from responding to the nudge not minding the possible challenges and limitations.
Many of us receive the nudge that could take us completely out of obscurity and solve the myriad of challenges that we face on daily basis but we have refused to follow the nudge. When you pray that God should give you money, give you a job or even prosper you in anything. Sometimes the answer first comes as a nudge that you must follow and when you do, the result of your prayers become visible. I have also come to accept and to also tell you that if you must succeed, you must follow your nudge.
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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