Freedom from the past | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Freedom from the past | © Fola Daniel Adelesi
There was the story of a donkey that a man wanted to bury alive. By the way it was the owner of the donkey that wanted to bury the donkey so he took the donkey to a place he had dug, threw the donkey into the pit and began to cover up the pit with sand. The moment he started throwing the sand on the donkey, the donkey shook off the sand and climbed on it. That continued for a while and it was the sand that was meant to cover the donkey that kept raising the donkey. The more the man threw sand back into the pit, the more the donkey shook of the sand and climbed on it until the donkey got out of the pit.
Every second, every minute, every hour, every day you hear people who talk to you about their past and those who don’t are trying to show you why they have not become anything as a result of their past. They walk about like free men but they have not gotten their freedom from those times when they used to be abused physically or verbally. You look at them as beautiful and handsome people but deep down on the inside you have people who are broken down and the memories of the past have tied them to a spot.
Some of them even say, ‘you need to know how serious the issue is. If you know who did it to me!’ Well in the case of the donkey it was the owner of the donkey that tried to bury the donkey alive. We all know that donkeys have strength and a major reason people keep donkeys is to use them for work so this donkey must have worked hard for this man. The donkey could have stayed down in the pit and say, ‘you this man, despite all the work I did for you!’
I had like to sincerely talk to you if there is something in your past that is not allowing you maximize your potential or that is not allowing you give expression to the gifts inside you. You are too loaded to let what’s inside you lay dormant all your life and one of the reasons you had a rough beginning which has now become your past is that if you are going to be great, the beginning will be tough! Let me say that:
1. Your past was not designed to be your prison!
2. Everything you go through is to arm you for the future.
3. Somebody else needs the experience you have had in order to survive some ordeals
4. Your mess can become a message only if you handle it well.
5. Bad things happen easily and if we just stand and watch, more will happen!
6. Any situation you do not look above or rise above will naturally tie you down.
The donkey could only rise above the sand because the donkey looked above the sand as a threat and it looked above the man as an ingrate who now a murderer. Some people naturally get a jolt at the beginning of their lives and after the whole experience, they decided to convert the whole thing into a message and that’s what they are selling to the nations of the world today. There are people who are writing books and there are people who are creating CDs and DVDs for people to buy but when you listen to them you will realize it’s just a story of how someone tried to bring them down or how someone had tried to kill them or how things did not work out in the beginning.
If you remain tied to your past you will not come out with anything tangible in life. Look beyond the past. Just like the donkey, it remained alive because it immediately began to think about the way out and not the problem on ground. Many of us think too much about the problems on ground and it is so difficult for us to see any solution. Break free from your past and release your potentials!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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