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While many of us are busy wondering why we are the ones going through the very things we are experiencing, we may not understand that we are there because of other people. We go through very hard or discouraging times and it may be so difficult to share with others what we are going through. It may look like these things will never end and we just feel like quitting. Some others even feel like dying.
One interesting thing that eventually happens is that the things we were looking at as difficult issues get to a level and fizzle out. They are resolved in the most amusing manner. When the issue is resolved in the most amusing manner, we then realize that it wasn’t worth our lives. The things we wanted to die for are the things that were supposed to die.
Some people get into trouble and keep wondering how they will ever get out. Maybe you got a huge cheque that you were so happy about only to find out that the cheque will not go through. I remember sharing with one of my coaches how people were owing me. I didn’t understand it. Some of them can definitely raise the money they are owing but my coach simply pulled up a document from his system. It was a scanned cheque that had bounced. He told me how he had at least two others for huge sums and they all bounced!
Because my coach had been there before, he knew what to say to me. He understood what I was going through and helped me think differently about the situation as discouraging as it was. That’s what we all can eventually do with the troubles we are going through or have gone through. One day we will be able to smile about those troubles and also encourage others going through the same.
There is a difference between someone encouraging out of the knowledge of what to do and another person encouraging someone from the experience he has had. A number of people who read my books or articles will say it is really inspiring. Each time they say that, I quickly think about the fact that most of those articles were encouraging because of the troubles I have had. I could encourage because I have been discouraged. At a point I even said that a motivational speaker is someone who has been discouraged so many times and is now encouraging others.
I think you should not only go through a tough time in your life. You should move from being the discouraged to being a motivator. That is when the experience becomes more valuable. Help others who are going through what you have gone through. If you are still going through it, I believe that you will transit from being discouraged to encouraging other people.
Sometimes when I look at the lives of the great men that inspire us today, I just think of them as the discouraged people who have become motivators! Everyone will at some point be discouraged about something. What matters is what happens after that phase of our lives.
Have you been discouraged before? Don’t just say it is over. There is someone out there who does not know what to do with their own mess. Take the message you have made out of your mess to them and let them also make a message out of their mess. Move from being the discouraged to being the motivator.

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