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Just like we get unsolicited mails from someone trying hard to sell something and cold calls from some marketers introducing new products or daily events interrupting our planned schedules, tragedy sometimes interrupts.
Tragedy is certainly unsolicited in our lives. No one prays for a child to die. There’s hardly any right thinking person looking forward to the death of a spouse. We don’t expect to get caught in any accident so one cannot imagine surviving an accident that leaves you dismembered for which you still have to be thankful.
Too many things happen from time to time and some of them can make us feel dead even though we are still alive. If you are alive and all you are worried about is just your finances, you will be grateful when you see people who have a justified reason to want to be dead. You can’t imagine the pains they experience daily and the huge difficulties they have to live with.
These are people who see and know what you can call ‘per second difficulty.’ Even if you are one of them and you are alive, I am very glad to tell you that tragedy can become trajectory.
So what is trajectory? Amongst some of the definitions I can find, I think this one cuts it. It says, ‘trajectory is metaphorically, a course of development, such as that of a war or career.’ defines it as ‘the curve described by a projectile, rocket, or the like in its flight.’
In plain or very simple terms, I think it can be described as a path created to reaching a goal to the paths created while trying to hit a goal.
If that’s taken or accepted then we can say something may have gone wrong but the same thing can be used to set the right path that we want to follow. Things may have happed that we didn’t like but we can ride on the wings of the same thing to get to where we intend to go.
Think about what you may have referred to tragedy or a real tragedy and see how it can be taken advantage of for a great trajectory in life. Life may have done something to you but there is something that you can also do with what life has done to you.
Don’t live with the tragedy without making much out of it. We can be broken for a while but when we are done crying, there must come a time when we pick up our pieces and get back up to fix ourselves even when no one gives us that chance.
At the end of the day, life may have dealt harshly with us. People will pity us for that but only get to celebrate us for what we did in return. So riding on that tragedy, create the trajectory that you need in life.
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