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If you are reading this then it means you are alive and that also means you have so many more chances of succeeding on the things you may have failed at before now. It is possible that you suffered a terrible defeat or a major setback in life. Things may have changed for you since then. Some other trusted friends may have pulled you down. It could also be some other colleagues that you never suspected that pulled you down because they wanted your place at work. Hey, I understand it really feels bad to have received a bad jolt in life but you cannot afford to stay down there. You need to fire yourself up like a hunter preparing for a new meat. You know that if you don’t catch a new meat there is nothing to sell to make money or nothing to roast to eat at home. It’s like having one last chance to change everything and doing nothing! You can’t so you must fire yourself up or let me say you need to ‘GUN!’ Get up now!
Stop wasting all the time in the world thinking about the things that went wrong or the things that could have been done differently. It is ignorance that makes a lot of people spend their present days thinking about the lost past when they can be preparing for the future. The past may have been so difficult but you are no longer in that past. You must never let your experiences put your back permanently to the ground. You are in for a great surprise as to what you can still make out of your situation but you will never be able to do that until you decide not to stay.
Have you ever seen the fighting spirit of a wrestler? The guy is knocked down severally but the fight continues until he stays down! The referee has no right to stop the fight if the person being beaten keeps getting up. Each time he gets up after a terrible knock down, he is simply saying the fight is not over. I still have some fighting spirit in me. I am not done yet. I am getting and I have one more tactic to try on this guy. I am looking out for that time when he will be carried away by the cheers from the audience. When I see that moment, I will seize it! When I seize it, I also get a chance to win and then the fight can be over. You have to learn from that. Up until now I really don’t understand why someone will be beaten with wounds all over the body and the person stays in the fight. Sometimes they get thrown up and down severally with their backs almost broken. They groan in pains for while and still manage to get back into the fight. I think we have to learn from that. It is not how many times you get knocked down in the fight that matters. Getting the last and the victorious knockout is what matters!
Move on from the pains of the marriage that didn’t turn out the way you expected. If you can fix it, put up one more fight and fix it. Shift your gaze from the terrible blows of the past! Watch out for the one that is too come and be prepared to wave it or to reduce its impact on you. Have you ever seen a boxer who stays on the ring while the fight is on and is only thinking about the last blow? No matter how heavy the last blow was, the major concern of the boxer is getting his next major hit or waving the next blow. If you stay on the ring thinking about the last blow, you will be dealt another one before you can think of it and then you lose the fight too soon.
I know you may have spent all you have before now. I also still think that you can get up now and make a difference. The reason you did not die is because you got another chance to do things differently. It could have been an academic blow but you should not give up. Fight back. If it is a career blow, there are ways around it. You have to get angry enough to not want situations to keep putting you on the receiving side or making you the victim all the time. When you get angry enough, you will gather all the strength left in you and get up to do something.
You still have a life so be happy. There is a chance to turn things around in your favour. Someone may have had the best blows in the match but it does not mean the person will win the fight. Others may have out shined you but you still have a chance of making them come and watch you perform wonders.
Things will not remain the same if you stay down. They will actually get worse! That is why you cannot afford to stay down, do nothing and keep taking more defeats! G.U.N! Get up Now!
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