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In the midst of scarcity that so many people are talking about, I have also seen them wasting so much. GROW, which was another acronym for Get Rid Of Waste was introduced to me by a mentor. It is the second time in two months that two of my mentors where using such acronyms. This time, the other mentor talked about how too many people waste things that can simply be saved in order to help them get the abundance they are looking for.
Sometimes in January, the Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola had also spoken along this line. He talked about the people asking for more yet spending so much every day on the functions that they attended. Do you want to be productive in life, you have to get rid of waste.
Everything you do must be on purpose. You must ensure that as little as one dime or kobo is accounted for. There was a time I used to make some amount of money and after a while, the money would be gone. At that time I began to take notes to account for what I spent, as I saw my father doing it when he was alive. Sometimes I would be able to account for most of the money and will not be able to tell where the rest was. Maybe it would have been different if I accounted for it even before spending it than spending it and then trying to account for it.
Do you realize that accountability is a habit of the rich? How do you think they were able to get so much together? Do you think that they made a lot of money by letting things lie around and just watch so the others rot away? No! They took care of as much as they ought to.
Get rid of waste in your life and environment today! What are those things that you do not need but you are buying or are keeping in your house? What are those subscriptions that may not be so necessary yet they have kept you bound? I use the word bound because now you cannot do without them! Where do you always indulge yourself in the name of giving yourself a treat?
That short moment between trips at the airport is gulping more money than you imagine, realize or just choose to ignore! Eating some kind of funny looking food that probably will not even fill you for as long as you want it to and you are paying three or more times the price you should pay is something to check! Why buy that drink at a far more ridiculous price when thirst is actually not going to kill you there! What about all those cloths you are never going to wear that you are paying so much for?
The waste could also be on cars or some other material things. When you get into some homes you will wonder if the person living there is a car dealer or not. Beyond all the things mentioned here, think about your future and always remember that if you will be as productive and happy as you want to be, you must get rid of waste right now.
It is only when you get rid of waste that you are showing signs of commitment to getting more productive in life! As my father would say to me when he was alive, ‘whatever you save today is still your own tomorrow. Do not think that I will come to you and ask for it. If you save you will have something to fall back on and if you don’t, you will have to sort yourself!’
Take my father’s words, coupled with the ones from the mentor and whatever I already added. Get rid of waste and become more productive in life!

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