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While this is the age of social media, it is very important to not just get caught up in the social media fever. Everyone is going online and creating an account. They immediately send messages to all their friends, asking to connect with them.
Once the connection has been established, we begin to spend countless hours trying to chat with friends, check pictures, stay abreast of gossip or upload stuff that we have just found or created ourselves. The new trend is short videos going viral within days. The more videos are uploaded, the more you find people trying very hard to create theirs and send it online, hoping it will go viral as well. I recently saw a video of one of the professional video watchers who works for YouTube and he said, ‘at least 48 hours of videos are uploaded every minute.’
Right now, there is so much information on the internet being provided and simultaneously consumed by people with so much to say but with little education – and by this I don’t mean certificates.
Only a few people on the internet, compared to the population of those who have a web presence are actually smart. To put it in simpler terms, I don’t think that up to 5% of those on the internet are smart – and don’t be offended by this. Just read a little further to see why I share this opinion and how you can join the small percentage of smart people.
Maybe the first question you need to ask yourself is why those social networking sites offer you so much and still remain in the free service rendered to you. Several of them give you these free services and in one way or the other, you begin to feel really cool. You get so cool that you think anyone who is not taking advantage of those services is not so cool. You bully the person until the person decides to join that social networking site or at least have a form of online presence.
As you keep doing this, you increase the patronage of the site. The number of people that the site is able to receive is referred to as traffic. If there are a few people visiting their site, they will saw they have very low traffic. When there are so many people visiting their site, they will say they have a very high traffic. When they site owners or the creators of the social networking sites that you spend time on get a lot of traffic (people), they will go to advertisers and show them how people are visiting their sites in order to get advertisements. Many of these people are able to make millions just showcasing adverts on their sites.
That means while you are spending so much time on the internet, the businesses of some people are actually booming. These people keep creating things for you to consume. They are delighted when you spend time watching because it is your time on the internet that they convert to money with their clients!
How does this work against you? While you think that the internet is free or comes cheap so long as you have paid a token for your internet connection or you even get a free WIFI, some people are making money just because you are watching. Unfortunately, you can also be making money on the internet rather than just let people make money of you.
It is unproductive to spend hours on the internet and on any social networking site for which you are not paid and someone else is getting paid. What you need to do is simple. You have to start considering how to maximise your time on the internet. Until you have something that can help you make so much money on the internet, I am tempted to say you need to cut how much time you spend, especially on social networking sites. However, there is a way around that. I can as well suggest that you master how to make profit from each social networking site that you spend time on.
You can either take advantage of the existing platforms to make money or you create your own products that you will like to sell on those platforms. Be wise, the more time you spend on the internet, the richer someone else becomes until you turn around and sell something as well or join a money spinning chain that has already been created.

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