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There are moments when we find ourselves in troubles we never bargained for. Well, there is hardly anyone who bargains for troubles except that we often make choices that come with the kinds of consequences we may not like.
Troubles can be very devastating. Sometimes it is not the trouble we are in that is eating us up but the knowledge of the trouble itself. It is always very important to try to get out of the trouble very fast.
When you have done so many things and it still looks like you are still in some form of trouble with your finances, marriage, personal life and career or business, there is one thing I think you should try out.
Most times when we get into trouble, we are so focused on getting out of trouble that we dont realize others around us are also in trouble. Sometimes, those people around us are even in bigger troubles than we can imagine. We are so immersed in our own worries that we barely see the great challenges of others.
One great secret emerged several years ago and it still works perfectly today just as it worked when it first emerged. It is nothing that sounds spectacular and maybe that is why it has not become so popular among those who discuss solutions to problems of life.
If you ever get into trouble, I suggest you look around and see if you can identify others who are also in trouble. You cant be so helpless that you dont have anything you can do about the troubles of those around you.
There must be something you can do for someone else who is in one trouble or the other. You cant negotiate the fact that as you help others get out of trouble you are also negotiating your way out of trouble.
Many times we want to get out of trouble first before helping others. That may keep you longer in the trouble that you are in. it also means we are self-centred when all we think about is what happens to us and how we can be free.
It is a natural human tendency to look more at what is happening to us before looking at what is happening to others. Unfortunately, there is hardly any human being that prospers by going on in that manner.
For those who really want to excel in life and stay out of trouble, it is important you look at helping others and as you help others you end up helping yourself. If trying to focus on your problems has not worked then you should be willing to try something else and see if it works or not.
Dont be so consumed by your own challenges and miss the opportunity to take away the challenges of others because that might be the only thing that will unlock the opportunities you have been looking for.
It is also very important to note that the more we focus on ourselves, the more we lose power and the more we look out for others the more we gain power. Solving our daily challenges become easier and we may have less to worry about.
To confirm that helping others in trouble is a way out of your own trouble, take a look at some of the worlds richest people. In my own observation, they are people who are simply meeting the needs of many other people around them. The more needs they meet, the richer they become.
Dont waste time any more by whining about your troubles. Start looking for how to be a solution to the troubles of others and consequently get rid of yours.

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