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If you are in the wrong environment and all your allies are in that environment, there is no way you will ever move past or think beyond, in your wildest imagination, that environment. You would have been completely locked into the system and everything that happens there becomes your life and your future as well.
You need to develop a strategy to make sure that when you are in an unpleasant place today, you are constantly working towards getting to the pleasant place. There is a lot more to life than where you are and you just can’t be limited to that place. You must shoot beyond your environment or your community.
One of the first things you need to do if you will ever make it out of where you are is to ensure that your mind never takes the conditioning of that environment. The moment your mind takes the conditioning of that environment there will be trouble for you and you just may never rise in life even while praying for breakthroughs.
I like what Sam Adeyemi said that’s related to this issue. He said so long as you have it in your mind, it will not take long before it becomes your reality. So it means that if you are in a funny environment and all the pictures in your head are pictures of that environment then there will be no transitioning for you.
However, you may be in a funny looking environment today. It can by physical or just the situation you are going through. So long as the pictures you have on your mind are better than the situation of your life then you stand a great chance to getting out of that situation.
That also means you have to constantly put a better image in your mind. You must have a desired image that you are working with. If you don’t have a desired image then you are not helping yourself and may stay longer in the unpleasant situation.
What do you think changed the banking industry in Nigeria? It was simply someone who saw what every other person saw as a problem. He took it a step further. He did not only see the present problem but saw what other nations where doing. That put a different picture in his mind. So he was in a different and unpleasant situation but a better image was in his mind. He came back and started the card technologies in the banking industry. He’s move out of that situation and moved so many people with him.
How did the Nigerian church get out of its own environment? One of the things that happened was that we had so many of the preachers here going abroad, learning and seeing new things and constantly innovating when they got back home. That’s why we have churches building large businesses today and they are empowering their own people. They are building great schools and running their schools more effectively when compared to the government.
Apart from having a picture in your mind that is better than where you are today, you have to build relationships that are outside of your present situation. I have always talked about building relationships to succeed but this one has special emphasis. It is not just about building relationships. It is to build relationships with people outside your unpleasant environment or situation whose influence can eventually bring you out of where you are.
A poor man needs to have a picture of wealth in his mind and think about what to do to get out of that situation. Beyond just having that picture, he also needs to have a relationship with a few wealthy people. They may never give him physical cash to get him out of poverty. If he builds a solid relationship, they can show him practical steps to making money or they can give him recommendations that will eventually turn to money for him.
You also have to keep exposing yourself. If you don’t go out personally you are not doing much good to yourself. You need to get out and see some really nice places. Go to places that you think successful people hangout regularly. It is only a matter of time. You will be perceived as successful and they will start transferring the businesses of successful people to you. Then your success will materialize.
I have said three important things that can get you out of where you are. I stared with your mind and moved on to your relationships. I also mentioned your hangouts. If you don’t like where you are or your present circumstances, try trying out these suggestions and very soon you will see yourself in your desired direction or close to your preferred destination. 

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