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Over the years people have talked about having a New Year resolution. They have also found that just a few days into the year, the resolutions have been abandoned. They, the people who created the resolutions, no longer have the energy to pursue the resolutions anymore.
Should be abandon the resolutions just because people would normally throw them away after a few days into the year? Maybe or maybe not! What I have always advocated is a strong plan for each New Year.
When you create a plan and you add timelines with a budget to the plans or goals, you have a stronger sense of what you need to pursue and over time, you are able to make remarkable progress.
A few years ago I started asking people to forget about resolutions and make serious plans. If you don’t have any serious plans for the New Year or you don’t have any written plan, how do you want to make progress?
Planning and negotiating are two crucial things you must do in order to get a better year. Before getting into the New Year, get a pen and a paper to write goals. Write goals in the area of your career. What position would you like to get to in your career? What do you have to do to get into that position? Are there extra qualifications required to get to that position? Please don’t wait for promotional exams or interviews before you start rushing to take the professional qualification exams. Put that in your plan now. Go online to check the website of that professional body. Get information and register.
If you are looking at a better social life in the New Year, you also have to write down the plans now. Don’t just write it, add a time line and indicate all that you need to achieve that goal in that timeline. Let’s say you intend to get married in the New Year. I guess you have already found someone to marry and you have been dating for a while. So you know you have to propose marriage and the two of you need to start planning your finances. You must agree on a time that allows you to adequately prepare for your wedding, your new home and the challenges that may come with either of you relocating to a new place or changing jobs.
Do you want to start a new business? Again you must write down what business you are planning to start. Where can you start the business and how much do you need to start the business? Are there people you can talk to in order to make the business easier for you or to drop your cost?
When you take some time to plan on paper you will find that things can be a lot easier for you. Too many people hit the roads without a plan and when they mess things up, they come back to plan. By the time they come back to plan they realize how much they have lost.
I should also say that one of the reasons people refuse to plan for a New Year is because they say they had plans for previous years and nothing happened. They didn’t see the plans becoming a reality. If you refuse to plan for another year because the plans for last year did not work, you will find yourself in the same position by the end of the New Year. Again, when people say their plans did not work, I always want to ask them what plans they had in the first place. What moves did you make on those plans and what timeline did you add? Did you invest resources or negotiated with people who could help make it a reality?
If you have done all that needs to be done and the plan still didn’t work, the right thing to do is to change strategy instead of abandoning the plans.
I remember coming up with an idea that I wanted to execute in the year 2013. I had a well written plan and I spoke with some people. I got promises of support but nothing happened. I tried hard to bring it back up in 2014 but not much happened. I still did not give up on this idea so I brought it up again in 2015 and fortunately, something happened.
That you have a plan does not mean things will work automatically. The plan needs your resilience, dedication, unwavering commitment and constant re-strategizing. Please go into the New Year with a plan and you will be amazed at the results you can get.

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