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One of the most common questions on the mind of people is, ‘How do I become wealthy?’ So many people are in search of true wealth and some have taken the desperate measures in order to get wealth. For some, the easier way out is to steal or cheat in either their places of work or to cheat on some other partners doing business with them and for others, ritual killing or politics is the way to go. A few others believe that if you get jobs in some organisations you are going to become wealthy after a few years in those organizations. While it is true that some of the things mentioned above will be able to put a lot of money in your bank account, you will soon realize that these are not the things that make you truly wealthy.
True wealth comes always from your mind and the major thing that inspires the wealth in your mind is the level of inspiration that you have accessed or that you have exposed yourself to. When you do not constantly keep up a level of inspiration in your mind, there is no way you can become truly wealthy. You may get some money and the cash flow may seem constant. After a while, you will realize that you are in a situation where things seem to be working but they are not actually working the way you really want them to work for you.
What kind of ideas run in your mind? What kind of people are you listening or what kind of people talk to you often? Who are the people that rob minds with you? Who are those around you and how do they think? These are some things you must pay serious attention to if you must become wealthy because wealth comes from within. Wealth is not the things you see around you. It is not really the money in your bank account. It is not what others can just give to you just by transferring a lot of money into your account. If you think you can become wealthy just by getting a lot of money transferred into your account, you will soon be shocked if you are tested with a little money.
Someone rightly said that if we gather all the money in the world together in a place and share it equally to everyone, it is only a matter of time before the money finds its way back into the hands of some people and it will vanish from some other people. What that statement means is that it is not the money you have access to that makes you wealthy. It is the thoughts or the inspiration held in your heart that makes you wealthy. It is the wealth in your heart that will determine the level of physical cash you will ultimately control.
To get wealth from inspiration you simply have to open up your mind. Begin a journey with the wealthy people by searching out what they know. Some of them have shared with us what they know in their books or tapes or even websites. You can get wealth from inspiration when you also open up your heart to try and help with the numerous challenges in the society. Until your heart becomes a house of inspiration you may not get the true wealth you are looking for.
Your heart or your mind is like factories. You have the opportunities to create a lot of things in there. And the beautiful part of that creation is that the product you create in your mind will, to a great extent, determine the reward that you get from people. Wealth in terms of cash is a reward for the wealthy thoughts in your heart. If you don’t hold unto this and work well with it, you may continue to chase the wealth that will never materialize!
It is a good thing to pursue wealth and I sometimes encourage people to do so but not in the way that so many people go about it. If you must pursue wealth, it must be in accordance with the wealthy thoughts you have generated in your mind. That is why true wealth is from the thoughts and inspiration in your heart instead of the money that other people offer you as you think. So I charge you to create wealth through inspiration from within you!
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