Giving up does not make things better |© Fola Daniel Adelesi

It may have been truly difficult to make a head way with some of the things you would want to achieve and you are already thinking about giving but there’s a question I have for you. How does giving up make the situation better?
If you got out of your bed or your seat because you didnt like what was happening to you or the messed up life you seem to be living its because you know there is something you can do to change your situation. Getting up to act in the first place was primarily about taking action so that your life can be a lot better than what it is right now! The only thing that will make that life better is to continue to take the action necessary to get you out of that messy situation!
For a number of people it certainly looks like nothing will ever work! Some have been searching for jobs since they finished school and some have lost their jobs. Some have businesses that are struggling and some have already lost nearly everything and don’t even know where to begin from. For some others, its not just their financial lives that have nose-dived but their marriages are on the verge of breaking. Its becoming increasingly difficult to educate their children and feeding is life a luxury at the moment.
Thousands of people out there are earning peanuts even though they wake up every morning to go and work but they can hardly make ends meet. Some are spending more in trying to make themselves available for the job than what the job is paying them but they have kept at it just not to look like jobless people. At some trying times they have sat down to look at the input (jobs) and the output (payment) but they don’t tally in anyway.
I don’t support doing the same thing in the same manner all the time without creativity or innovation but I strongly support sticking to what you believe in and like to do. If you think about quitting because it does not seem to be working at the moment then I should ask you how quitting what you are supposed to be doing will make any difference. You are probably afraid to stand alone to face what you believe in and you are already thinking about joining every other person just to do what works but you must remember who lives with the regrets at the end of the day. You have a life to live and you cannot afford to just sit and do nothing or do what every other person thinks is popular. Bishop David Oyedepo has rightly said that if you are afraid to be different you will never make a difference!
I have a feel of what it is to fail because I have failed before! I have a feel of what it looks like when things don’t seem to be going according to plan. Sometimes God gets in the way of our plans just to make sure that the right plan, HIS PLAN, is what is executed. We don’t know the disaster that may come with our own plan but he has his own well worked out.
Whatever happens, you should always remember that giving up on the situation or on the project does not make anything better. Just ask God to give you the needed grace to hang on long enough till the results begin to come. Make sure you become creative and innovative in what you do what don’t give up because that may leave you with more problems than you had before you started.
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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