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There are several ways to become very productive in life. As a person, I would want to see you become more productive in all that you do so we have to take a look at one of those great things you can do in order to become more productive. You can look at all your contemporaries who are also doing what you are doing. They may have the same platforms as you do or even have the same backgrounds but in years to come, the mentors that you glean from will distinguish all of you. It is important to glean from mentors and soar beyond all that your potentials offer.
When you look up the word glean, other words like garner, collect, pick up, gather, assemble, bring together and scrape together will show up. It means that when you are gleaning from a mentor you will pick up things or gather things from the mentor. I should be quick to say that the focus here is not material things.
I am talking about gathering the information that no one will be willing to share with you. It is about gleaning on the experience of the mentor. There are secrets in every industry or practice that people do not want to share. Sometimes they don’t want to share them because they are afraid you will overtake them. But with a real mentor, the mentor is not afraid to share the secrets with you and help you move on in life. A mentor can also help you demystify some things. When you are done gleaning from a mentor you might be saying ‘I see!’ that’s because they give you insight and open your eyes to so many deep things.
Things have even become easier these days compared to what mentoring was several years back. Hundreds of years ago you practically had to live with your mentors to glean from them. In some other cases, you serve them. It was more like working for them and not having a fix pay. They only gave you things based on their discretion. Today, you can gain access to mentors from the things they are sharing online, in tapes, videos, books and also see them one on one. While the impact of a mentor or the level of gleaning you can do is not limited to seeing one on one, it is still important to have a personal contact. It’s a lot different from having a role model because you probably just watch those ones from a distance. You only watch them and discerning things for yourself but a mentor pours into you.
You have to hang around mentors a lot if you want to do a lot in life. There are people who have skills and talents but they are struggling and not doing much. That’s why I wrote an article on which was titled ‘Why are talented people frustrated?’ There are several reasons they may be frustrated but one of them is the fact that they do not have mentors that they glean from.
To glean from mentors is like feeding your paths in life just as you eat on daily basis. When you do not eat you do not grow. You are malnourished. The same thing happens to your future. When you do not glean from mentors, you are leaving your future to chances. You might leave it to become malnourished. I believe that we have so short a time in life and we cannot afford to leave it to chances.
Why should you glean from mentors? These are people who have been there! They understand what you are talking about and they can show you the way out. Things may have been crude in their time but they are better in your time. When you combine knowledge, experience and skills, people will begin to wonder how you are getting things done.
There may things you want to do in life and if you are going to do it on your own, it may take ten years to discover all that you need to discover. When you glean from mentors, you will hear their secrets and you can collapse ten whole years into one year or even months! There’s a training I run for people and sometimes I let them know that I am teaching them in two to three hours things I have learnt in more than six years! When you imagine that, it means they were able to collapse six years into just three hours!
To glean from mentors makes your life a lot easier and you can become more productive. They can show you how to get much from little and how you can multiply your results. If you have been gleaning from mentors, keep gleaning and if you have not started you should start from today. Compress time for yourself and get the unfair advantage to be more productive and move faster in life

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