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Stand out of the crowd
Stand out of the crowd
There are imaginary ropes that we have tied ourselves with in life and we should come to terms with the fact that those ropes are not going to allow us go far in life even though we want to go far in life.
I think it is still amazing how people truly desire to succeed in life and they still sit down to think about what others are saying about them and they are not ready to do anything different from what the crowd is doing! They just do things the way every other person will do things and they are afraid to go ahead of the crowd! There are people who do not put in their best in their places of work because they are afraid that a superior will start coming after them. They think that the superiors will become jealous of them so they do not want to put in their best in order not to get into trouble! In the real sense of life I think your problem should not be the superior who has a complex issue and cannot accommodate a subordinate with a unique skill! Your problem should be that you are deliberately short changing yourself because of the complex that another person has.
You must strive at all times to go out of the crowd if you really need to make something out of your life. When you are trying to do something significant, you will naturally meet brick walls that should discourage you but you have to be bent on getting things done. I don’t think that God has preserved you and I all these years just so we can come and do what every other person is doing! It will be unfair, considering the amount of resources that God has put into you not to go ahead of the crowd!
Maybe we also need to remember that God does not really need to keep creating new people but he continues to do that because there are jobs he has not finished and he needs some people to finish them for him and there are people who have also failed him so he needs people who will succeed for him! By staying with the crowd then you are joining the league of those who have refused to succeed for God! Sometimes those who do not want to step out of the crowd will be saying:
What will people say?
This is how things are done here so I don’t want to be different!
I don’t want them to focus on me such that everyone will now be talking about me!
They will say I am too young!
Will they not think I am too old?
They may say my own is too much!
Guess what, there’s a Bishop here in Nigeria (Dr. David Oyedepo) whose friends told him when he was young that his own was too much! That’s the kind of thing people tell you here in Nigeria when you seem to have too much passion or a lot of energy to dissipate but I think I would rather let them say that my own is too much and succeed than take to their advice and be a failure like them!
Never be afraid to be different or stand out of the crowd because when you were being created by God, the original intention was not for you to be like every other person or to just be a part of the crowd!
You were born to make a difference, born to stand out, born to win, born to rule and also have success embedded in you! I challenge you NEVER to waste the resources of God in your life! Go and make the difference now!

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